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Videos DW-250-NL tile saw

Main Features

  • Motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings for maximum quality of cut.
  • Practical plunge effect for easy adjustment of cutting thickness. Adaptable to each material.
  • Stainless steel tables, removable for easy cleaning of the machine.
  • Folding legs with built-in wheels for easy carrying.


  • For Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Porcelain and other materials.


  • CEV-PRO Ø10" (250mm) diamond blade included.
  • Direct drive, single phase 1.1kW (1.5CV) motor with thermal protector.
  • Blade cooling by water pump with regulating tap
  • Chassis, reinforced structural rigidity.
  • Foldable head at 45º for mitering cuts, plunge effect and height adjustment enables cuts up to 32 11/16" (83cm) in length.
  • New measuring square, easy adjustment.
  • Lateral stop for repetitive cuts and angles (0° and 45°).
  • Machine supplied without cable.
  • 2 year warranty
  • European Regulatory Commission

Products not available in our current catalog

Mobile head cutter for maximum functionality.


Includes 250 mm CEV-PRO model diamond blade.

Direct motor, single phase 1.1 kW (1.5 hp) with thermal protector.

Blade cooling through water pump with regulating faucet.

Reinforced steel frame for greater structural rigidity.

Folding head to 45° for miter cuts, saw effect, and regulation of cutting height that allows cuts up to 83 cm long.

Easily adjustable square measurement.

Lateral stop for repetitive and angular cuts (0° and 45°).

Machine supplied without cable.

DW-250-NL tile saw
  • Plunge Effect Plunge Effect
  • Foldable head Foldable head
  • INCH/MM. ruler INCH/MM. ruler
  • Power Power
  • Angular measurement Angular measurement
  • Repetitive cuts Repetitive cuts
  • Cutting Length Cutting Length 83 cm
  • Cutting height Cutting height

Products not available in our current catalog

References and models for DW-250-NL tile saw

DW-250-N 120V-60Hz tile saw
  • Ref. - 54948
  • EAN-13 - 8413797549485
  • Cutting length - 83 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length - 58,5x58,5 cm
  • Maximum cutting thickness - 1 stroke or 2 strokes - 65/80 mm
  • Mitre cutting length - ∞ cm
  • Power supply - 120V-60Hz.USA
  • Revolutions per minute - 2875
  • With blade -
  • Outside diameter - 250 mm
  • Wall chaser effect -
  • Length Width Height (machine overall dimensions) - 135x53,5x126 cm
  • Net weight without packaging - 47 kg
  • Units per box - 1
  • Units per pallet - 4

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