With the RUBI horseshoe spacers, the professional ceramic tile installer can quickly and easily rectify the position of the pieces during installation. Obtaining a correct alignment of the edges and getting a homogeneous positioning joint.

Thanks to their geometry, horseshoe shaped, these spacers can be combined together to give the same function as a traditional crosshead or "T". Offering thus, a more versatile product for the professional.

The RUBI horseshoe spacers are available in various thicknesses. Each of them easily identifiable by its color. Thus, if the user mixes them they will not have problems to differentiate them.

Manufactured in material with high resistance to crushing, they maintain the working thickness evenly, even in large-format tiles. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal installations.

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Horseshoe Spacer 1/8 "(B-250u) USA
  • Ref. - 13840
  • EAN-13 - 8413797138405
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Horseshoe Spacer 1/16 "(B-300u) USA
  • Ref. - 13841
  • EAN-13 - 8413797138412
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