TX-MAX Manual Cutter

TX-710 MAX REF. 17909

TX-1020 MAX REF. 17915

TX-1250 MAX REF. 17921

TX-MAX - <span>TX-MAX</span> Manual Cutter
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The range of TX-MAX professional manual cutters are perfect for INTENSIVE cutting of all types of tile. Thanks to its high performance MULTIPOINT breaker and its rotating square system, TX-MAX models allow easy and quick execution of angular cuts (from 0º to 45º), especially in porcelain stoneware tiles (AIa / BIa). Its high separation power (up to 1200 kg) allows the TX-MAX cutters to have an excellent behavior with extruded stoneware.

Tubular steel guides of 30 mm in diameter and the head with extra-long aluminum slides give an impressive structural robustness, making the most of the models with the highest cutting capacity (TX-1020 MAX and TX-1250 MAX).

TX-MAX - Description
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  • The separator mechanism allows the use with one hand, facilitating the locking and unlocking of the breaker by means of a ratchet and trigger system. This system increases the performance of work, both in the materials of low thickness as in those of greater thickness

  • Tubular steel guides of Ø30 mm x 2 mm in wall thickness.

  • 1200kg power breaker for cutting the hardest materials.

  • High separation power (1,200 kg) - MASTER POWER. Operable with only one hand.

TX-MAX - Features
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