TISE 2023

Monday, December 5, 2022

You will discover the newest innovations of RUBI


Visitors will be able to see the complete SLAB SYSTEM range for the cutting and handling of large tiles.
 SLAB CUTTER G3 is being added to this range, the best cutter in its class for large formats. No other cutter in the market works as well for cutting large format tiles. Minimum effort for an impeccable cut.

Also, you can discover the A-FRAME CART that allows the professional tile installer to improve the handling and mobility of large format tiles or slabs for formats up to 10.4 ft x 5.24ft.
Three new conveyors are also added for the safe and efficient handling of porcelain panels. The SLIM EASY TRANS PLUS that allows transporting up to 176 lbs. of weight and the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N for very thick pieces, up to 375 lbs. And the SLAB TRANS MINI to transport ceramics with a maximum recommended size of 60 x 60".
You can see as well the new VERSA-TILE SLAB TABLE, workbench for cutting and handling large format. Thanks to the shape of the legs and its structure, the table has great stability and robustness. 
The TZ-1800 model is added to the current range of the TZ manual cutter. Created for cutting large format porcelain tiles, its advanced engineering offers us very high precision in long lengths, thanks to an intelligent guide design that reduces deviations.
You can also see our electric DCX, DT-7IN MAX & DT-10IN MAX wet saws. And don't forget the new BADGER MESH blade. The newest dry-cutting blade for the most demanding jobs. 
Finally, attendees will be able to know first-hand and see in action our new products getting launched this year at TISE2023 / booth #N5635.