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PREMIUM Diamond Blades

PREMIUM Diamond Blades

Diamond blades

closeARROWHEAD PREMIUM Diamond blade

The ARROWHEAD diamond blade is particularly recommended for straight cuts in porcelain tiles and especially in those jobs requiring a high cutting speed without sacrificing performance and quality.

closeGLASS Diamond Blades

RUBI GLASS PREMIUM diamond blades are especially recommended for straight cuts in vitreous materials and glass mosaic, especially in those jobs where high levels of performance and quality are necessary.

closeRED COBRA PREMIUM Diamond Blade

The versatility of the RED COBRA diamond blades allows us to make cuts in materials as varied as marble, granite, as well as other natural stones and even the cutting of glass materials.

closeTHICKER PREMIUM Diamond blade

THICKER PREMIUM segmented wet cutting discs have been designed for cutting porcelain tiles with a thickness of 0.78" inches (20 mm). Suitable for cutting natural and sintered stone.

closeVIP DRY Diamond Blade

The specific design of the diamond rim of the RUBI VIP DRY diamond blade offers faster cutting speed in the hardest materials without sacrificing the quality of the finish.

closeVIP WET Diamond Blade

The specific design of the Diamond Band of the VIP WET Diamond blade offers us a higher cutting speed in the hardest materials without sacrificing the quality of the finish.


The RUBI range of PREMIUM diamond blades is a sure bet for excellence and quality. Formed by several ranges, PREMIUM blades offer the professional the latest technology in the design of diamond blades, to obtain the best possible results.

Currently, RUBI's range of PREMIUM blades consists of: - The ARROWHEAD blades. A blade specially designed for the cutting of porcelain stoneware. With J-SLOT technology, ARROHEAD absorb the stresses generated when cutting high hardness materials. Being designed, exclusively for the cutting of diamond blades, the ARROHEAD ensure a clean and fast cut. - VIP blades offer the latest in TURBO blades technology. The specific design of the diamond band of the VIP blades allows the cutting of high hardness materials (porcelain tiles, granite, slates, etc.) with a high speed and without sacrificing high quality finishes. - VENOM blades are the definitive option for professionals who have to face a wide variety of materials (ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite ...) Thanks to their studied design, VENOM blades reduce stresses and increase the speed of cut without giving up some excellent finishes.

The range of RUBI PREMIUM blades offers a wide variety of diameters, from 4" discs to 10" blades, covering all the needs of the professional.

The dry cutting blades are cooled only by the air circulating around them. For this reason, dry cutting blades are recommended exclusively for intermittent cuts. What forces the user, to leave, every few seconds, that the air flows around the soul of the blade to dissipate the heat. In the dry cutting blades, it is very important to use all the necessary safety elements, mainly: mask, glasses, hearing protector and gloves.

The wet cutting blades are cooled by water, which prevents their heating and reduces the generation of dust during cutting. Very important aspect, since the risk of inhalation of silica dust is minimized.

RUBI is committed to quality. All our products and tools are subjected to rigorous quality exams by experienced professionals; we want all the products we have in the market to be recognized for the quality and durability that has made our brand one of the most valued when it comes to providing a solution to the professional of ceramic tile and construction