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PRO Diamond Blades

PRO Diamond Blades

Diamond blades

closeGLASS Diamond blade

The GLASS diamond blade is particularly recommended for straight cuts in glass materials and glass mosaic and especially in those jobs requiring high levels of performance and quality.

closePORCELAIN Diamond blade

The PORCELAIN diamond blade is particularly recommended for straight cuts in porcelain tiles, especially in those jobs requiring a high cutting speed without sacrificing high levels of performance and quality


RUBI has a very complete range of PRO blades, varied in diameters, from 4-1 / 2" blades to 10" The professional will find in the RUBI range of PRO diamond blades various types to cover your needs as much as possible.

Within the range of PRO diamond blades, RUBI offers a wide range of possibilities: NATURAL STONE blades for the cutting of all types of natural stone. PORCELAIN blades for the cutting of porcelain stoneware tiles. And GLASS blades for cutting glass pieces.

All the blades that make up the PRO range offer the professional an excellent quality / price ratio, guaranteeing very satisfactory results in all its models.

The wet cutting blades are cooled by water, which prevents their heating and reduces the generation of dust during cutting. Very important aspect, since the risk of inhalation of silica dust is minimized.

The dry cutting blades are cooled only by the air circulating around them. For this reason, dry cutting blades are recommended exclusively for intermittent cuts. What forces the user, to leave, every few seconds, to flow around the soul of the blade to dissipate the heat. In the dry cutting blades, mainly: mask, glasses, hearing protector and gloves.

The designs of the RUBI tools are duly certified by the certifying companies in order to be able to apply all the current safety regulations and to put in the hands of the professionals the safest, most reliable and top quality tools.

On the other hand, on the internet you can see the great impact that the name of RUBI has on professionals. They are miles of searches, articles, supports and methods with which from RUBI we can be close to the professional and give him continuous support and help at any time.