Scoring wheels for TP tile cutters

Scoring wheels for TP tile cutters

Tile Cutters and Scoring Wheels

close7/8 in. scoring wheel

The exclusive machining and grinding of the RUBI 7/8 in. scoring wheel allow them to offer exceptional quality in scoring of both porcelain tiles (BIa type) and glazed stoneware (BIIa type) tiles.

closeExtreme TP 22 mm. Scoring Wheel

The exclusive machining and sharpening of RUBI's Ø 22 mm EXTREME Scoring Wheel for TP tile cutter allows it to offer an exceptional quality in the scoring of ceramic tiles.


The roller guides for the TP range of tile cutters achieve their optimum performance in large format tiles. Especially in materials such as porcelain, polished or glazed tiles, with a smooth and regular surface finish.

All roller guides are made of tungsten carbide, and are specially designed to suit the TP range of tile cutters, offering professional tile installers a tool they can rely on.

RUBI has designed these roller guides to offer the tile installer the best incision when scoring ceramic tiles, especially in large formats.

The first RUBI cutter was created to provide a solution to the problem with cutting cement tiles After more than 65 years, we continue to provide solutions to the ceramic tile installer by designing tools and products to suit the user's needs. One of the reasons that allow us to provide these solutions is the design of products based on the development of new materials.

At RUBI we keep a very close relationship with ceramic tile installers and it is vital for us to have constant, fluent communication with them. That's why we have all the necessary tools to offer industry professionals an innovative product able to provide solutions to their daily working needs.

In addition to product data sheets, photographs and demo videos, at RUBI we provide a direct channel so you can contact us anytime. One of those channels is our blog, where we talk about many aspects related to the world of ceramic tiles and laying techniques. For instant and personalized information, please contact us using the "Discover RUBI" section, in which you can give us your requests directly, or through our social networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc.