Pack of 2 RUBI STD 1/4 in. scoring wheels

The STD 1/4 in. scoring wheel by RUBI includes a roller guide made of tungsten carbide with high wear resistance.

The exclusive machining and grinding of the roller guide on the RUBI STD 1/4 in. scoring wheel allows this scoring wheel to offer exceptional quality in scoring ceramic tiles for coverings (BIII type).

The incision of the roller guide on the RUBI STD 1/4 in. scoring wheel is clean and shallow, resulting in a cut without chipping the enamel or any deviations.

The handle of the RUBI STD 1/4 in. scoring wheel (patent protected) is manufactured by injection with a new high tech RUBI alloy that offers the professional maximum precision due to its unique design with triple fluting, and high wear resistance.

The triple fluting (under patent) of the handles on all the scoring wheels in the RUBI range ensures the professional installer the best fixing of the scoring wheel in the tile cutter, as well as greater precision during scoring.

The first RUBI cutter was created to provide a solution to the problem with cutting cement tiles After more than 65 years, we continue to provide solutions to the ceramic tile installer by designing tools and products to suit the user's needs. One of the reasons that allow us to provide these solutions is the design of products based on the development of new materials.

RUBI is committed to quality. All our products and tools are subjected to rigorous quality tests by experienced professionals. We want all the products we have on the market to be recognized for their quality and durability. This desire has made our brand one


  • Tungsten Carbide scoring wheel of high resistance and duration.
  • Handle made with a patented geometry for a maximum precision and minimum vibration.
  • Patented model with new high technology RUBI®.

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Set of two 1/4" (6 mm) Scoring wheels.
  • Ref. - 1947
  • EAN-13 - 8413797019476
  • Units per box - 10
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