Hand cutting system with connectable guides.


The SLIM SYSTEM CUTTER tile cutter is a tile cutter specially designed for porcelain tiles on the market of up to 9.84 ft by 3.94 ft and between about 1/8 and 3/8 in. thick.

The set consists of: three 43.30 in. aluminium guides, 1 scoring wheel with a Ø 7/8 in. tungsten carbide roller guide, 2 breaking pliers, 2 suction pads and a reinforced nylon carrying case.

The guides are made of aluminium and are interconnected to ensure perfect scoring, always 3/8 in. from the edge of the guide itself. The suction cups help us fix the guide on the ceramic tile and prevent it from moving. The guides also have two strips of silicone to help attachment.

The scoring wheel, with a handle to facilitate the work, is fitted with a Ø 7/8 in. tungsten carbide roller, especially for those big scoring jobs.

The pliers are responsible for breaking the tiles after scoring, allowing you to work alone or with the help of another person.

This whole system comes in a handy textile bag with compartments and the tools needed for assembly.

The SLIM SYSTEM CUTTER tile cutter is a cutting system specially designed for porcelain tiles, both large and fragile at the same time, so it is very useful to be able to make the first cut before moving them.

The way of working with the SLIM SYSTEM CUTTER is very simple and offers a sure solution for working with this type of tiles.

This cutting system, together with the SLIM EASYTRANS transport assembly, offers the perfect equipment for the work of cutting and installing porcelain tiles of these characteristics, making cutting a simple job and giving us some guarantees in the transport and installing.

Main Features

  • Cutting capacity of 122in (310cm.) extendable as needed with additional guides.
  • Facilitates a straight cut without deviations.
  • Offers high quality performance.
  • Progressive separation of the material, reducing the risk of breakage.


  • For hand cutting, large format porcelain, between 0.11" (3mm) & 0.31" (8mm) thick.


  • Cutting capacity of 122in (310cm.) extendable as needed with additional guides.
  • With silicone cords incorporated in the guides at its base & the fixing suction pads, the SLIM SYSTEM guarantees accurate straight cuts without deviation.
  • Tungsten carbide roller with titanium treatment bearing of Ø 0.86" (22mm) to offer a high performance and quality cut.
  • Separation system, by means of adjustable pincers, which ensure a gradual separation of the tile, thus reducing risk of breakage.
  • The set consists of:
  • 3 guides of 43in, 1 scoring carriage with EXTREME scoring wheel of 7/8in mm (ref 18912), 2 pincer breakers, 2 fixing suction cups, and a reinforced nylon carrying bag.
  • 2+3 years warranty
  • Cutting Length Cutting Length 122-1/8"
  • Cutting height Cutting height 1/8-3/8"
  • Protected design Protected design

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Where to buy

  • Ref. - 18911
  • EAN-13 - 8413797189117
  • Cutting length - 122-1/8"
  • Cutting height - 1/8-3/8"
  • With carrying case -
  • Net weight without packaging - 15.21 lbs.
  • Weight with carrying case - 15.21 lbs.
  • Units per box - 1
  • Units per pallet - 32
  • card_giftcardPoints: 64
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Product reviews

Artur Mlodoszewski
Artur Mlodoszewski Sunday, April 28, 2019

Bardzo dobry sprzęt profesjonalnie wykonany spełnił swoje zadanie jest godny polecenia a w dodatku w przystępnej cenie

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Arkadiusz Brzenk
Arkadiusz Brzenk Friday, August 23, 2019

Witam z tego zestawu akurat jestem bardzo zadowolony jego rozmiary i waga na 5 gwiazdek jeden mały minus to przydała by się jeszcze jedna przyssawka :)

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Антон Сорока
Антон Сорока Monday, October 28, 2019

Плиткорез хороший, недостатков пока не заметил, со своей задачей справляеться, да и дешевле чем конкуренты

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Mateusz Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Takie proste a takie skuteczne do cięcia na sucho dużych formatów to jest złota rzecz prosta w obsłudze i mieści się w torbie na ramię polecam

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Roland Gołombek
Roland Gołombek Friday, December 27, 2019

Super produkt przyssawki dobrze trzymają nawet porowate powierzchnie. Wózek z kółkiem lekko sie prowadzi. Dokupić polecam łamak i wszystkie formaty i grubości są z tym osiągalne. Urzywam i polecam.

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