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STAR PLATINUM manual cutters


The STAR PLATINUM tile cutters have been conceived as a versatile and light alternative perfectly adaptable for handling ceramic and occasional porcelain stoneware tiles.

Thanks to it's multipoint separator, with an aluminum foot step clamp and chrome rectified steel guides, the STAR PLATINUM cutter offers the user greater robustness and power. In addition to it's millimeter marked side stop, to make angular cuts (0 to 45º) quickly and comfortably, streamlining the cutting processes and avoiding the fatigue of repetitive work.

The visibility of the line of scratch and cut of the STAR PLATINUM is optimal for its construction with a double guide, previously chrome-plated and calibrated with anti-corrosion treatment. It's aluminum injection supports, provide greater strength in use. The closed sliders are made of POM and their tool holders are made of aluminum, providing ideal rigidity and stability, all this in order to make scratching the tile much easier.

In the process of creating our tools, a test period is included in real work situations in certain national and international markets, carried out by a group of trusted professionals in the sector. This action allows us to detect improvement points in our products before putting them on sale and / or adapting them to the needs of the end user.

All the models in the STAR PLATINUM range include a 6 mm SILVER wheel, as well as the possibility of finding a version of the STAR-63 PLATINUM that includes a practical suitcase style cover, which facilitates its transport and handling, as well as increases its protection.

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Product reviews

Juan Daniel Cervantes Paucar
Juan Daniel Cervantes Paucar Tuesday, April 13, 2021
15902 - STAR-63 PLATINUM

Una cortadora bien hecha en todos sus sentidos. Corta todo tipo de material sin mucho ezfuerzo gracias a sus rodeles adaptables. Una muy buena máquina.

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Noe Rodríguez Briones
Noe Rodríguez Briones Thursday, May 6, 2021
15902 - STAR-63 PLATINUM

Excelente cortadora de piso cerámico, muy buena herramienta para mi trabajo. Sobre todo el tamaño es fácil de transportar.

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Saul Padilla
Saul Padilla Wednesday, June 2, 2021
15902 - STAR-63 PLATINUM

Exelente producto hasta el momento ningun problema. Lo recomiendo ampliamente...........,...........

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Harverth Paima
Harverth Paima Monday, September 6, 2021
15902 - STAR-63 PLATINUM

Primera vez que trabajo con esta herramienta y me parece perfecto hasta el momento no tengo ningun tipo de problema recomendado

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Julio Gómez Baca
Julio Gómez Baca Wednesday, October 6, 2021
15902 - STAR-63 PLATINUM

Está muy bonito el modelo y los cortes son muy precisos. Solamente faltaría que dieran de obsequio la maleta de transporte.

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