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TC-125 Kit


The TC-125 kit is part of the SLAB system for ceramic sheet and large format tiles, and includes all the elements necessary for cutting these materials.

The kit includes:

- The circular cutter TC-125.

- 3 SLIM CUTTER guides of 110 cm, each. (For the proper functioning of the TC-125, the use of these guides is NECESSARY).

- 2 fixing suction cups for rough surfaces (RM). - 1 TCR-125 diamond disc for dry cutting (compatible with wet cutting) of porcelain stoneware (the TCR disc is not suitable for 45º cutting). - 2 clamps for additional fixing of the SLIM guide. - Tool set. - Practical textile bag for transporting the guides and rigid case for the TC-125 cutter.

The circular cutter TC-125 of RUBI, has a double system of reduction and control of the dust generated during cutting. Either, by means of its connection to a vacuum cleaner (dry cut) or, through the intake of water.

The connection to the vacuum cleaner is 32 mm, but an adapter is included for other diameters. The water intake consists of a quick connection for 16 mm hoses and a rubber stopper, which covers the intake of the vacuum cleaner and makes, during wet cutting, secondary grip functions, improving ergonomics during cutting.

The head of the TC-125 is foldable up to 45º and adjustable in height. In this way, it is possible to miter and obtain special cuts and with greater precision (it must be borne in mind that the thickness of the cut varies according to the diameter of the disc).

For miter cutting, the TC-125 includes an additional handle that increases control and visibility during cutting and improves work ergonomics.

You can use two disc diameters: 115 and 125 mm (see cutting thickness for each diameter).

The switch of the TC-125 has a safety lock that prevents unintentional starting, and an electric cable with PRCD to protect the equipment from power surges.

For the design of the TC-125. The incorporation of a disc protector with a quick opening lid has been taken into account, which facilitates the disc change and reduces particle projection. In addition, a side protector improves the performance of the dust control system.

With the TC-125 circular cutter, there is no cutting limit that stops the projects of the professional setters from all over the world.

Main Features

  • PRECISE cutting thanks to the SLIM SYSTEM guide system.
  • Equipped with sliding skid, made of carbon steel, on adjustable stainless steel radial bearings.
  • Double reduction system / dust control. Dry and wet cut.
  • Cutting head adjustable in height (cutting effect) and foldable from 0 ° to 45 °. (miter). FAST adjustment system.
  • Greater ergonomics Additional handle BI-MATERIAL, mainly for miter cutting.


  • For cutting all kinds of ceramic tiles, ceramic sheet, natural stone and sintered stone. Especially suitable for large tiles.


  • Circular cutter electro-portable. Suitable for dry cutting or wet cutting.


  • Direct connection to vacuum AS-30 PRO (Ø32mm). Includes adapter for other models and brands (Ø37, 42 and 50 mm).
  • Regulation valve and quick connection for hose ** (Ø5/8in). Rubber stopper for the suction outlet. IMPROVES ergonomics in wet cutting.
  • Switch with SECURITY lock. Avoid the start-up INVOLUNTÁRIA. Electric cable with PRCD (differential).
  • Compatible with Ø125 or Ø115 mm discs. (Suitable for discs with reinforcement bar, type TVA).
  • Injected aluminum disc protector with transparent polycarbonate lid with opening and quick closing system. IT FACILITATES the disc change and MINIMIZES the projection of particles and water.
  • Tilting side guard for miter cutting. REDUCES water splash and IMPROVES dust aspiration.
  • Includes TCR-125 SUPERPRO disc (dry cut), carrying case and accessories. IT FACILITATES transport and handling.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 1.7 CV (P1: 1.25 kW).
  • RPM: 13800 (may vary depending on voltages and frequencies)
  • Outside diameter of disc: 115/125 mm. (Scales and graduations are determined for 125 mm discs)
  • Internal diameter of disc: 22.2 mm.
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 20 mm (for 115 discs) and 25 mm (for 125 discs).
  • Maximum miter cut thickness: 14 mm (for 115 discs) and 18 mm (for 125 discs).
  • Net weight: 4.8 kg. (only machine with serial disk)
  • Dimensions: 330x239x206 mm.
  • Vibration value according to UNE-EN 61029 is 1.78 m / s2 with a dispersion K = 15.

References and models for ND-7IN MAX

Where to buy

Circular Tile Saw TC-125 KIT 120V 60Hz USA
  • Ref. - 51903
  • EAN-13 - 8413797519037
  • Cutting length - 320 cm
  • Cutting height - 20-25 mm
  • Miter Thickness cut - 14-18 mm
  • Power supply - 110-130V 50-60Hz
  • Watts - 1250 W
  • Revolutions per minute - 13800
  • Outside diameter - 115-125 mm
  • Inside diameter - 22,2 mm
  • With carrying case -
  • Length Width Height (machine overall dimensions) - 330x239x206 cm
  • Weight with carrying case - 14 kg
  • Units per box - 1
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Guides & Accessories Kit TC-125
  • Ref. - 51969
  • EAN-13 - 8413797519693
  • card_giftcardPoints: 62
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Product reviews

KAROL DZIĘCIOŁ Monday, April 20, 2020

Przecinarka ogólnie jest ok. Niestety przy cięciu na sucho z odkurzacze bardzo mocno pyli. Tandeta walizka rączka odrazu się płakała.

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Maximiliano Comachi
Maximiliano Comachi Monday, June 15, 2020

Excelente producto, cortes precisos Los cortes a 45 grados salen perfecto con disco de corte en húmedo.

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Tomasz Kowalczyk
Tomasz Kowalczyk Monday, June 22, 2020

Bardzo dobry sprzęt do cięcia wielkich formatów oraz pod skosem 45 stopni. Praca tym sprzętem to czysta przyjemność. Polecam

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Cyril BARLES Monday, June 22, 2020

Bonne prise en main, seul bémol pour caler le guide sur des carreaux en 20 cm de large par 120 cm de longueur

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Jesse Dallas
Jesse Dallas Thursday, July 16, 2020

Smooth , fast and accurate. Used on very dense 3/8 porcelin and was impressed with the blade that it comes with. Really enjoy working with both wet and dry after the initial learning curve of where to set track in relation to cut line( 1 1/16” above). Definitley well worth the investment.

Dawid Kubis
Dawid Kubis Saturday, July 25, 2020

Plusy: 1. Świetny patent na duże formaty, 2. Szybki, prosty i stabilny montaż, 3. Duża prędkość obrotowa, 4. Możliwość podłączenie odkurzacza lub wody. Minusy: 1. Tarcza w standardzie szarpie krawędzie, koniecznie zmieńcie na coś chudszego, 2. Trzeba przyłożyć się do cięcia, maszyna nie idzie płynnie w prowadnicy, 3. Zdecydowanie za krótki przewód zasilający, przypominam że to zestaw dedykowany do dużych formatów płytek.

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Darek Hojka
Darek Hojka Wednesday, September 23, 2020

W zupełności spełnia moje oczekiwania. Doskonale radzi sobie z płytkami wielkoformatowymi. Jak najbardziej polecam.

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Dariusz Waligórski
Dariusz Waligórski Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sprzęt jest po prostu super.Polecam wszystkim zakup tego sprzętu .W sumie to było raczej do przewidzenia.

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Bartosz Bylicki
Bartosz Bylicki Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Przecinarki używałam do wielkiego formatu radzi sobie bardzo dobrze.w zestawie wszytko co jest niezbędne do cięcia ta maszyna.

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Estaleiro Multimade
Estaleiro Multimade Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Excelente relação preço/qualidade. Muito Satisfeito. Produto faz o que se propõe fazer e permite um corte limpo e preciso dos materiais.

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51901 - KIT Circular Tile Saw TC-125 230V 50Hz