The VENOM diamond blade is recommended for cutting all types of ceramic tile, including, of course, porcelain stoneware. In addition, the versatility of the VENOM diamond blade allows you to make cuts in materials as varied as marble, granite, natural stone and even vitreous materials.

The RUBI VENOM blade has a continuous rim for the best quality cuts and features a reinforced steel core in the center to reduce vibration and flex, guaranteeing a more precise cut.
But that is not all. The steel core of the VENOM diamond blades have a special laser groove that reduces the stress generated while cutting, which offers special robustness against materials of extreme hardness and increases the cutting speed.

Thus, RUBI offers the professional tile installers one of the most complete and versatile diamond blades in the market.

To merge the diamond rim to the steel core of the VENOM diamond blade, RUBI used laser technology.
Laser welding is the best guarantee of quality and safety in the production of diamond blades.

Within its range of diamond blades, RUBI offers professionals two types: PRO and PREMIUM.
The PRO blades provide the best price-performance ratio.
The PREMIUM blades are the best choice for the most challenging jobs.

Blades with thicknesses of less than 3/32 in. are not suitable for miter cuts.

RUBI is committed to quality. All our products and tools are subjected to rigorous quality tests by experienced professionals. We want all the products we have on the market to be recognized for their quality and durability. This desire has made our brand one of the most highly valued in giving quality solutions to tile fixing and building professionals.

VENOM Diamond Blade

References and models for VENOM Diamond Blade

VENOM Diamond Blade 7"
  • Ref. - 31960
  • EAN-13 -
VENOM Diamond Blade 10"
  • Ref. - 31961
  • EAN-13 -

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