closeCleaning block

Especially suitable for enhancing diamond blades.It is recommended to use the cleaning block periodically (after every few cuts) to keep the diamond blade in a perfect working ...

closeCleaning block-N

Especially suitable to enhance diamond blades for cutting porcelain tiles and large diameter blades.It is recommended to use the cleaning block periodically (after every few cuts) to keep the diamond blade in a perfect working ...

closeAS-30 PRO paper bag

Paper bag for dust extraction.Compatible with AS-30 PRO.Biodegradable.Pack of 4 ...

closeCables with plug

To order correctly, the product code of the machine with the desired motor and the product code of the cable with the necessary plug for the destination country should be included.Approximate length of 3.5 ...

closeTC-180 guide connector

Allows for joining several guides for greater cutting ...

closeDV/DC/DS/DX ceramic fixing

Special accessory that allows to fix the tile during cutting, thus avoiding sudden movements.Accessory adaptable to DV/DC/DS and DX models of electric cutters (versions after ...

closeFilters aspirator AS-30 PRO

The replacements of the filters of the AS-30 PRO vacuum cleaner from Rubi Tools, guarantee that the vacuum cleaner gives its maximum performance at all times in every job.

closeTC-180 guide

The TC-guide 180 is made of extruded aluminium.It facilitates to obtain straight cuts in ceramic tiles and natural stone with the TC-180 circular cutter.Option to join several guides through the connector (Ref. ...

closeSet of flanges for mitre cuts

Juego de pletinas para realizar cortes a ingletes de gran precision. Estas pletinas impiden que el disco flecte y nos proporciona una mayor precisión y un mejor acabado en nuestros cortes a inglete.

closeLaser & Level Kit

Laser & level kit for DV, DC, DS and DX electric cutters with bubble for the correct levelling of the cutter and laser to place the material indicating the path of the blade .

closeFixing clamp

Highly recommended to set guidelines on tiles and prevent movement of the same during cutting, thus achieving a more precise ...

closeTable supplements

Wide range of supplementary and additional support tables that increase the work surface of our electric cutters. Manufactured in steel and / or aluminum, they combine design and functionality.

closeSide stops for electric cutters

The 50 cm side stop (54822) facilitates the placement of the ceramic, while reducing the error rate. This accessory is compatible with the DC / DS and DX electric cutter models (versions after 2013).


A range as complete as the RUBI range of electric mitre and cutters requires a range of accessories for electric mitre cutters and even more complete. At RUBI we have created a range of accessories to help the most demanding tile installation professional in their tile machining work. This range in addition to being very versatile and of quality, is also very homogeneous, so that the same accessory can be used in several electrical machines.

At RUBI we know the way of working in each country of the world, we know the requirements of the tile fixers and we have the knowledge of all the materials that are used for the installations. For these reasons, RUBI is a recognized brand and clearly focused on a professional and demanding sector.

With these accessories, the professional can exponentially increase the functional properties of his RUBI electric cutter. A wide variety of accessories to facilitate the execution of repetitive and precise cuts. Not forgetting the additional tables, which allow to increase the work area, especially designed for large-format tiles; the sets of special flanges for mitre cuts, or a magnificent laser guidance system to facilitate the positioning and cutting of the pieces.

As it could not be less, RUBI has a wide range of accessories for its portable tools.

These accessories and consumables allow the professional to place all their trust in RUBI electrical portable tools. Therefore ensuring,  a complete guarantee of satisfaction in these products.

The range of accessories for RUBI portable tools will help the professional to get the most out of them and improve the performance of their jobs.

This range of accessories, like the rest of the ranges of our catalogue is designed to offer the user a time saving and increase the efficiency of their work. At RUBI we know the importance of efficiency and time savings today, so our product development managers are very focused on these concepts when designing new tools.