closeAS-30 PRO paper bag

Paper bag for dust extraction.Compatible with AS-30 PRO.Biodegradable.Pack of 4 ...

closeTC-180 guide connector

Allows for joining several guides for greater cutting ...

closeAS-30 PRO wet filter

Filter for wet vacuuming.Compatible with AS-30 PRO.Pack of 2 ...

closeAS-30 PRO dry filter

HEPA filter for dry vacuuming.Compatible with AS-30 PRO.Minimum particle size: 5 ...

closeTC-180 guide

The TC-guide 180 is made of extruded aluminium.It facilitates to obtain straight cuts in ceramic tiles and natural stone with the TC-180 circular cutter.Option to join several guides through the connector (Ref. ...

closeFixing clamp

Highly recommended to set guidelines on tiles and prevent movement of the same during cutting, thus achieving a more precise ...


As one would expect, RUBI has a wide range of accessories for its power tools.

These accessories and consumables enable the professional to put all their trust in RUBI power tools. Ensuring, therefore, a complete satisfaction guarantee on these products.

The range of accessories for RUBI power tools will help the professional make the most of them and improve the performance of their jobs.