Brackets and weights

Brackets and weights

Tools and equipment for tile fixing

closeMetal set squares

RUBI set squares are the perfect complement, for both builders and for ceramic tile fitters.The dimensional accuracy and rigidity of the RUBI set squares are their seal of quality.RUBI set squares are made of bichromate steel profiles, with a section measuring 40 x 20 mm. Each set square is machined as a unit; thus, RUBI guarantees that ...

closePlumb bobs

Plumb bobs use the law of gravity to indicate if the position of a construction element is truly vertical. The principle on which the operation of plumb bobs is based is very simple: the line suspended with the weight in its lower part should be vertical and perpendicular to any other level plane through which it passes.


The RUBI squares are the ideal complement for both the mason and the ceramic tile installer.

The precision and dimensional rigidity of the RUBI squares are their hallmark of quality.

The RUBI squares are manufactured in bichromate steel profile, and have a section of 40 x 20 mm. Each unit is machined unitary, in this way RUBI guarantees the construction professional that they will have an accurate and robust tool.

The RUBI squares are synonymous with quality and trust.

The construction professional will find them available in 3 sizes: 40, 60 and 80 cm. covering perfectly all the needs of professionals, of this sector, of the whole world.

Plumbs continue to be, today, one of the most important tools used by the bricklayer in the construction sector.

For this reason, RUBI has a selection of models that, without renouncing traditional use, guarantee correct operation and ensure the quality of the product.

RUBI plumbs are made of bichromated steel, to ensure a good resistance to corrosion, due to the working conditions to which the product will be subjected.

The geometry of the weight of the RUBI plumbs maintains, in the most faithful way, one of the most traditional models: the cylindrical, with a pointed end, as an indicator of the center of gravity. With its 600 gr. of weight, the RUBI plummet is highly reliable and very resistant.

The diabolos, or nuts, of the RUBI plumbs are made of wood and include a version equipped with a Neodymium magnet, for its attachment to metal structures, and a high quality cotton rope, to withstand the conditions of work on the site , 5 meters long.

The plumb line uses the law of gravity to indicate that the position of a constructive element is really vertical. The principle on which the operation of the plumb is based is very simple: the rope suspended with the weight that it has in its lower part must be vertical and perpendicular to any other level plane with which it crosses.

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