The mortar mixer line is a basic tool today for the ceramic tile installer. The range of RUBIMIX mortar mixers gives professionals a variety of models with different powers and mixing capabilities. The evolution of the mortar mixers has been a constant target for improvement by RUBI. An objective whereby, today, professionals in the whole world know it by one name; RUBIMIX.

RUBI was founded in 1951 to provide a solution to the problem with cement tile cutting. After more than 65 years, we continue to provide solutions to the ceramic tile fixer by designing tools and products to suit the user's needs. One of the reasons that allow us to provide these solutions is the design of products based on the development of new materials. A clear example of this evolution is the range of RUBIMIX mortar mixers.

The range of RUBI mortar mixers has powerful mixing paddles, with different power motors to suit the needs of professionals. All mortar mixers have high quality wound-rotor motors and speed regulators in order to adapt to the material that must be mixed in all stages of the process. With the range of RUBI mortar mixer paddles, we can adapt to each type of material and the amount we must work with.

To help users a little, in addition to product data sheets, photographs and demo videos, at RUBI we provide a direct channel so you can contact us anytime. One of the networks is our blog, where we talk about many aspects of the world of ceramic tiles and fixing. For instant and personalized information, please contact us using the "Discover RUBI" section, where you can give us your requests directly, and through our social networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Concrete mixer

closeMezclador eléctrico RUBIMIX E-10 ENERGY

El RUBIMIX E-10 ENERGY es un mezclador eléctrico con batería de 18V - 5Ah, perfecto para trabajos en los que la transportabilidad, la comodidad y la manejabilidad del mezclador son factores imprescindibles.

closeVarillas mezcladoras mortero CINCADAS

Gama de varillas mezcladoras para todo tipo de morteros o adhesivos cementosos. El acabado cincado de las varillas, otorga una mayor durabilidad a la varilla mezcladora y no contamina la mezcla final.

closeRUBIMIX-50-N electric mixer

The RUBIMIX-50 N is a high performance and high capacity electric mixer.It is ideal for mixing any type of mortar, facade coating mortar and tile adhesive for ceramic tiles (class C or C1, mainly).Its powerful 880W motor with double thermal protector and a fixed blade speed of 60 rpm mean that up to 65 L can be mixed at once, or up to 50 kg of ...

closeRUBIMIX-9 DUPLEX electric mixer

The RUBIMIX-9 DUPLEX is an electric mixer which stands out owing to its DUAL paddle design. The DUPLEX RUBIMIX-9 is designed primarily for mixing cementitious adhesives, although it can also produce mixtures in other materials. The RUBIMIX-9 DUPLEX electrical mixer includes a 1350W motor, perfectly adapted to the homogeneous mixing of adhesives ...

closeRUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX electric mixer

The RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX electric mixer is the best example of innovation and ergonomics together in one single product. With the RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX, RUBI has introduced the first electric mixer with adjustable height handle onto the market. This RUBIMIX has an ergonomic design which adapts perfectly to any user.

closeHEXAGONAL flat rod mortar mixer paddles

RUBI has a wide range of paddles for mixing cementitious mortars and other high density or low fluidity materials.The mixing blades on the head of this paddle are flat. This increases the capacity of the head, therefore allowing the user to increase the mixing capacity of the paddle.

closeM14 thread mortar mixer paddles

RUBI has a wide range of paddles for mixing cementitious mortars and other high density or low fluidity materials.This range of mortar mixer paddles has a M14 x 2 thread connection which is directly adaptable to all RUBIMIX electric mixers and to most other brands.The mixer paddles for cementitious mortars have a head designed to perform a ...

closeFAST-IN mortar mixer paddles

RUBI has a wide range of paddles for mixing cementitious mortars and other high density or low fluidity materials.The range of FAST-IN mortar paddles features the unique tool-free quick connection system, FAST-IN from RUBI, and allows the user to change mixer paddles without tools, quickly and easily.

closeDUPLEX mortar mixer paddles

The range of DUPLEX mixer paddles are specially designed for exclusive use in RUBIMIX-9 DUPLEX electric mixers from RUBI (thread M27 x 1.5).With these paddles, the user can mix 30 to 50 kg of cementitious mortar or adhesive.The design of the DUPLEX paddle range means that each paddle rotates in one direction, combining the upward movements typical ...

closeHEXAGONAL standard liquid mixer paddles

In addition to the more specific ranges of mixer paddles, RUBI has standard paddles on offer. These paddles are designed to mix all kinds of materials, with good results in terms of performance and homogeneity.The mixing blades on the head of the ML-100 standard paddle are round paddles.