Cutting and Grinding Diamond Blades

Cutting and Grinding Diamond Blades

Diamond blades


The versatility of the RUBI products is for many of us one of its most outstanding characteristics: the ECD diamond blade for cutting and grinding is, in reality, 2 blades in 1.The ECD diamond blades for cutting and grinding allows us to work with natural stone, all types of ceramic tile and synthetic materials.


Diamond blade for dry cutting and grinding all kinds of hard materials such as granite, slate, quartz conglomerates, clinker, rustic stoneware or porcelain stoneware, among others.


RUBI has been manufacturing tools for the construction sector for more than 65 years, and during this time, our products have gained the trust of millions of users around the world. Today, RUBI is still designing and manufacturing new products that keep that confidence at the highest level.

Our brand and products are synonymous with quality and satisfaction guarantee. Construction professionals trust on our products, and therefore, we focus all our efforts and all our passion in the development of new products.

As a leading brand in the sector of material cutting, RUBI deploys all its expertise with diamond blades for cutting and grinding.

The needs of professionals become much more varied every day, but something that does not change is the need to seek maximum versatility in their tools.

Diamond cutting and grinding blades allow us to cover precisely that need for versatility. Offering in a single product both the cutting function of all types of ceramic materials and natural stones, as well as being able to perform grinding or edge definition works.

RUBI manufactures its diamond cutting and grinding blades using the electrodeposition technique. Thanks to it, the disc allows a fast and precise cut, whilst generating virtually no vibrations. The factor of the vibrations is decisive when we must work with “delicate” materials that break easily.

In the design of all RUBI products, the entire RUBI R & D team, made up of engineers and professionals from various parts of the world, has been vital. The fact of receiving information from many parts of the world offers us the possibility of having a global vision of the business and the needs of professionals in the construction sector, to design tools adapted to each market.