Electric mixers

Electric mixers


closeRUBIMIX E-10 ENERGY CAS electric mixer

The RUBIMIX E-10 ENERGY CAS is an electric mixer with a 18V - 5.2Ah CAS battery, perfect for jobs in which the transportability, comfort and manageability of the mixer are essential.

closeRUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX electric mixer

The RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX electric mixer is the best example of innovation and ergonomics together in one single product. With the RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX, RUBI has introduced the first electric mixer with adjustable height handle onto the market. This RUBIMIX has an ergonomic design which adapts perfectly to any user.

closeRUBIMIX-9 DUPLEX electric mixer

The RUBIMIX-9 DUPLEX is an electric mixer which stands out owing to its DUAL paddle design. The DUPLEX RUBIMIX-9 is designed primarily for mixing cementitious adhesives, although it can also produce mixtures in other materials. The RUBIMIX-9 DUPLEX electrical mixer includes a 1350W motor, perfectly adapted to the homogeneous mixing of adhesives ...

closeRUBIMIX-9 N electric mixer

By simply changing the mixing paddle, the RUBIMIX-9 N is perfectly suited to mixing cement adhesives, resins, paints and other materials. Also, it has two mechanical speeds with a 1200 W motor.

closeRUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX electric mixer

The RUBIBIMIX-9 POWER MAX is a versatile, powerful electric mixer, suitable for the homogeneous preparation of cementitious adhesives, resins, paints and other materials, without bubbles or lumps.

closeRUBIMIX-9 SUPERTORQUE Electric Mixer

High torque electric mixer, suitable for mixing cementitious adhesives, paint, resins and other materials. 2 mechanical gears and RPM regulator integrated in the trigger. Double handle design.


Reliability, quality, performance, design, innovation ... these are some of the notable aspects of the RUBI range of electric mixers. The constant evolution in ceramic tile adhesives is a reality that the tile fixer faces every day. For that reason RUBI is constantly evolving its range of electric mixers.

In the mixing range, as in most of the RUBI catalogue, we have had the collaboration of industry professionals and end-users in the design and creation process, this joint work allows us to release products with guarantees that meet the needs of our most demanding customers. Thus Rubi has a mixer for every specific user, adapting at all times to the user’s needs.

The fully proven reliability and quality of the RUBIMIX-9N and its PLUS version, shows the commitment to quality in the RUBI range of electric mixers. A result of this commitment and direct contact with professionals is the RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX, an outstanding electric mixer on the market. Having in mind all our customers' requests, the RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX design focuses mainly on ergonomics. We must not forget that the use of electric mixers is increasingly common among tile fixing professionals worldwide, due to the new necessities: especially design mortars for porcelain require a perfect mix in order to reach its bonding capacities.

It is necessary to offer tools that suit all of these needs. This is why the RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX presents its unique height adjustment system with handles. This aspect allows the electric mixer to be adapted to each person, situation and market. It has a very important ergonomic advantage: adjusting the height of the handle prevents problems in the back due to a bad working stance. The improvement in the position of the handles, and other technical aspects, make the RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX the most revolutionary and innovative electric mixer on the market.

At RUBI we have always been concerned about the health of professionals. The concept of ergonomics is always present within the design of our tools, as we believe that safety and minimizing the risk of injury at work are essential for health and proper performance. This range of accessories, like the other ranges in our catalogue, is designed to offer users time savings and increase efficiency in their work. At RUBI we are aware of the importance today of efficiency and time savings, so our product development managers are very focused on these concepts when designing new tools.