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At present, the hardness of ceramic tile materials is no longer the main problem of the setter. What, today, is the biggest drawback, in the cutting of ceramic tiles, is the difficulty of cutting that involves each material.

The combination of hardness, thickness, surface finish and, possibly, internal stresses of each material, will generate the level of difficulty of cutting that same material.

ENDURE RUBI scoring wheels are made of high quality tungsten carbide. Its grinding, unitary, guarantees an angle of incision, exact and precise, in all units. Thanks to its care, and studied design, RUBI ENDURE wheels are ideal for excellent cuts in ceramic and porcelain tiles with a high cutting difficulty, especially for all those  materials with rough and / or structured surface finishes (reliefs and textures ).

The ENDURE range of RUBI scoring wheels doubles the life of SILVER wheels (comparing, always, under the same conditions of use).

The handle, or shaft, of RUBI ENDURE wheels, has a triple grooving (designed and patented by RUBI), which guarantees the user a correct assembly of the wheel in the manual cutter. In the same way, this geometry, exclusive to RUBI, ensures a firm fixation of the rodel and a homogeneous and vibration-free score.

ENDURE scoring wheels are compatible with all ranges of RUBI manual cutters. The user can find them, both for the ranges with 10 mm tool holders (TS-MAX, TR-MAGNET, SPEED-MAGNET, STAR, etc.) and for the upper ranges with 12 mm caliber (TZ and TX-MAX) .

The ENDURE range is served in a practical case, with a screw cap, which allows you to store and protect our surroundings after each working day. Thus offering greater protection and ease of maintenance of our products.

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Scoring wheel Ø 8 MM ENDURE
  • Ref. - 1906
  • EAN-13 - 8413797019063
  • Units per box - 5
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Scoring wheel PLUS Ø 8 MM ENDURE for TX Y TZ
  • Ref. - 1903
  • EAN-13 - 8413797019032
  • Units per box - 5
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Tomasz Golmento
Tomasz Golmento Saturday, 30 May 2020
1903 - Scoring wheel PLUS Ø 8 MM ENDURE for TX Y TZ

Używam od niedawna ale jak dotąd żadnych problemów. Myślę że dobrze zainwestowałem pieniądze. Już seria Silver jest dobra wiec może być tylko lepiej.

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