Grinding Cups

Grinding Cups


closeConcrete diamond DOUBLE ROW grinding cup

RUBI has designed diamond double row grinding cups to obtain the best performance in all roughing jobs on concrete surfaces.The double row diamond grinding cups allow the roughing of surfaces and the grinding of edges in concrete. The degree of roughness left by these grinding cups is high and the working speed is higher than in a standard ...

closeCONCRETE diamond FAN grinding CUP

The elimination of burrs or defects in concrete formwork, or the elimination of coatings such as: bituminous layers, epoxy, paint or simply improving the flatness of the surface on which we are working, are the most common uses we can give to the diamond grinding cups for roughing type FAN CUP.

closeEPOXY-FIBER PCD diamond grinding cup

The roughing is a fundamental process in the works of rehabilitation, renovation and repair of surfaces, and to be able to obtain the best results it is necessary always to use the appropriate tools for each case.Within the range of diamond grinding cups for RUBI roughing, the specialized professional can find the specific ones for surfaces with ...

closeSTONE diamond grinding cup TURBO

Over time, the exposure to weather and, above all, the lack of maintenance, natural stone surfaces deteriorate to the point of losing all their aesthetic characteristics.Within the range of diamond grinding cups for roughing RUBI, we offer, to the specialized professional, the TURBO diamond grinding cups for the roughing of natural stone surfaces.


The roughing of surfaces is the initial process in the treatments and finishes of surfaces, materials such as natural stones or concrete are usually the most common in which this process is carried out.

In order to offer the best solutions to the professional, RUBI has a range of grinding wheels for roughing surfaces.

Either to match, prepare, condition, open the pore or many other options, in all of them, an initial grinding job is necessary.

The range of RUBI grinding diamond wheels has a wide variety of options. From the grinding of concrete surfaces and natural stone, to the elimination of coatings of epoxy, plastic paint, acrylics, glues or bituminous.

In the grinding of surfaces, not only the correct use of the tools is important, but the use of the correct tools is possibly the determining factor between a suitable finish and an excellent one.

For grinding work on large surfaces, RUBI diamond grinding wheels are the solution for those areas (perimeters, corners, etc.) where the machines for industrial use cannot reach.

RUBI is committed to quality. All our products and tools are subjected to a multitude of tests and rigorous quality exams conducted by experienced professionals.

All RUBI grinding diamond wheels have been designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards. Something that only a leading, expert and specialized brand can do.

We want all the products we have on the market to be recognised for their quality and durability. This desire has made our brand one of the most valued when it comes to providing quality solutions to the professional of laying ceramic tile and construction.

The presence of RUBI already reaches more than 120 countries, thanks to our network of commercial offices, subsidiaries and official distributors. For this reason, we make it easy for users around the world to find our tools and spare parts.