Large format transportation

Large format transportation

SLAB SYSTEM. Cutting and positioning of large format tiles


Transport and manoeuvring system of the SLAB SYSTEM range, for large-format porcelain sheets. Especially designed for the HANDLING of porcelain sheets with thicknesses from 6 mm.


Workbench for cutting and handling large-format porcelain sheets using the tools of the SLAB SYSTEM range. With large format porcelain sheets, the use of 2 units is recommended.

closeSLAB SYSTEM conveyors

Transport systems for loading and handling large-format porcelain sheets and ceramic tiles using suction cups. Light and robust conveyors thanks to their aluminium structure .


Within the SLAB SYSTEM range, RUBI gives the specialized professional, a complete selection of elements for the correct handling of large format porcelain sheets.

The SLIM EASY TRANS and SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY lifting systems are adapted to the different needs of the professional according to the type of work to be carried out.

The SLIM EASYTRANS is equipped with 10 suction cups, mechanical, suitable for smooth, rough and slightly structured surfaces. The load capacity of the SLIM EASY TRANS is 60 kg, expandable up to 110 kg (maximum) by adding two additional suction cups per 10 kg. The design of the handles of the SLIM EASY TRANS allows, if necessary, to handle the load with up to 4 people, thus allowing, not to exceed the maximum unipersonal load.

To improve the handling of the heaviest and most bulky pieces, the SLIM EASY TRANS can be complemented with a set of crossbeams accessory. These two extra bars increase the rigidity of the transport assembly.

For the most demanding jobs, RUBI offers the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY. A system designed for the heaviest pieces (thicknesses of more than 8 mm) and the largest formats (360x120 cm). The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY includes 6 vacuum cups of 20 cm diameter which adapt to all types of surfaces and which give the system a maximum load capacity of 140 kg. The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY incorporates the transverse bars as standard to give greater rigidity and stability to the system, thus facilitating the handling of the parts.

The guides are retractable on both systems (SLIM EASY TRANS and SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY) allowing a regulation in length ranging from 160 cm to 320 cm. In addition, being made of extruded aluminum, they are easy to store and transport.

Note that, both in the SLIM EASY TRANS and in the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY, the assembly-disassembly and adjustment system of all its elements is very simple, fast and intuitive.