Line marker


Line markers enable you to trace perfect straight lines of several metres in length, in any support, without worrying about its texture or finish, in a matter of seconds.

The RUBI line marker comprises a container made of highly impact resistant aluminium.

The reel of the RUBI line marker has 15 metres of cord and a quick collection system and lock to avoid losing cord when you tighten it to make markings.

At the end of the cord on the RUBI line marker there is a high strength metal part which enables you to attach the rope to an edge or nail it down. Just one person is needed to make marks.

This same piece of metal acts as a stop and prevents the cord from going completely into the reel.

The RUBI line marker comes with a 50 gr. bottle of chalk or "bluing" to refill the marker tank

In order to achieve good marking for accurately reading it is very important to fill up the marker tank, close it correctly and shake. In this way you can be sure that the cord wound on the reel is impregnated with the chalk.

Once you have stretched the cord and positioned it with the reference marks, tighten and pinch the cord as if it were a guitar cord against the support and thus leave the mark of the chalk line on the surface.

As an additional use, the RUBI line marker can be used as a plumb bob.

At RUBI we have always had a very close relationship with ceramic tile fixers and it is vital for us to have a constantand fluent communication with them. That's why we have all the necessary tools to offer industry professionals an innovative product able to provide solutions to their daily needs while working.


  • Ideal system to quickly draw straight lines between two points of the wall or floor.
  • Served with a powder bottle tracer of 50 gr.
  • Length of rope: 15m.

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Line marker
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