RUBI offers professional ceramic tile fixers a full and varied range of electric mixers and paddles with specific heads for different materials, with which you can get a homogeneous mixture adapted to your needs. That way, RUBI mixing tools can adapt to each and every mixing need.

With the evolution of ceramic materials, adhesives and mortars for ceramic tiles have also changed. With this series of modifications, mortar mixing work has acquired greater prominence and electric mixers have become essential. The need has also arisen to mix paints and liquids, and other more specific and special materials such as epoxy resins, just by changing the mixing paddle.

The result of effort and experience over many years, RUBI has adapted to these changes by designing a range of top-level mixers. A range that is able to meet the needs of professionals in the ceramic tile industry worldwide.

The range of RUBI electric mixers can be adapted to each type of job, either light or more intensive, and to each specialty in the world of construction. These electric mixers are very powerful and durable, with adjustable speeds and allowing large amounts of material to be mixed effortlessly and quickly. The different paddles offered by the range are the perfect complement, adaptable both in the amount of material to be mixed and the type: mortars, liquids, epoxy or plaster.

Also the range of mixing paddles is vast, including mixing paddles for drills. Whether you use a mixer or a drill as an electric paddle mixer, RUBI has the right paddle for you, in three versions: Hexagonal arm (for drills or mixer with a chuck), M14 connection or Fast-In connection (to be rapidly connected with the Fast-In adapter). With the proper mixing paddle, you will be able to mix a variety of materials, such as mortar, plaster, paint or epoxy resins, allowing you to reach the mixing requirements of the manufacturers. For instance, specially design mortars for porcelain require a perfect mix in order to reach its bonding capacities.

At RUBI we have always been concerned about the health of professionals. The concept of ergonomics is always present within the design of our tools, as we believe that safety and minimizing the risk of injury at work are essential for health and proper performance. The new range of mixers is the result of this work, they are easier to use and adaptable to the demands of the professional.