closeDiamond grinding blades

RUBI, as a brand specialized in diamond tools, offers to the professional tiler this range of diamond blades for roughing works.Thanks to the technique of VACUUM BRAZING, RUBI has developed its line of diamond blades for roughing.The roughing of surfaces or finishes of edges and sharp edges is a job that requires, not only a skilled and ...

closeDiamond Bullnose Attachments for Grinder

Diamond grinding wheels for the creation of bevels, half and full bullnose edges, in porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone pieces and other materials used in landscaping.

closeGrinding Cups

The roughing of surfaces is the initial process in the treatments and finishes of surfaces, materials such as natural stones or concrete are usually the most common in which this process is carried out.In order to offer the best solutions to the professional, RUBI has a range of grinding wheels for roughing surfaces.

closePRO-EDGER diamond grinding wheels

Diamond grinding wheels for exclusive use with the RUBI PRO-EDGER accessory. Range made up of models suitable for blunt edge beveling and 45º mitering of tile and natural and sintered stone.

closePolishing pads

At RUBI we are perfectly aware of the requirements of the professional ceramic tile fixer. That’s why we are aware that these professionals sometimes have to perform work on natural stones.Most of these jobs, on site, are focused on rectifying and finishing cuts.That's why RUBI provides building professionals with the range of polishing pads for ...

closepolishing blocks

The range of diamond polishing pads allows light grinding and polishing of edges and small surfaces such as bevels or miters. Suitable for all types of ceramic tile and natural stone.


RUBI completes its offer on diamond tools with the range of accessories for polishing.

RUBI’s range of polishing pads is specially designed for surface treatment of natural stone and ceramic tile finishes, and ensures the best results, both for dry jobs and those carried out wet. The professional will find, in the range of roughing and polishing of RUBI, a wide variety of grinding wheels, all designed to obtain maximum performance.

With RUBI’s range of flexible polishing pads, professionals can carry out restoration work on natural stone, concrete or reconstituted stone finishes, easily and completely safety. Furthermore, thanks to this range, the smoothing of burrs or polishing of edges and bevels will become a quick and easy task.

The RUBI polishing range offers a wide selection of flexible pads of different grits designed for professionals seeking the highest quality in their finishes.

In addition to flexible polishing pads, the professional can find special manual polishing pads for finishing, perfect for smoothing of burrs and improving the finish of cuts both on ceramic tiles and in natural stone.

Diamond polishing pads are the simplest and most economic option for obtaining excellent results in our cuts.

The RUBI polishing range completely satisfies the needs of building professionals.

At RUBI, we fully well know the importance of efficiency and time-saving and, along with the other ranges in our product catalogue, the drilling and polishing range is intended to save the user time and increase the efficiency of his work for this reason.

RUBI is now present in more than 120 countries, thanks to our network of sales offices, subsidiaries and authorised dealers. Thus, it is easy for users all around the world to find our tools and spare parts.