Products for cleaning, protection and maintenance

Products for cleaning, protection and maintenance

Cleaning, protection and maintenance

closeRC-10 cement remover cleaner

RC-10 Cement Remover effectively removes residual cement and mortar adhered to the surface of ceramic tiles.The main advantages of the RC-10 Cement Remover are its excellent descaling capacity and fast action.RC-10 Cement Remover is a product for cleaning residual cement, mortar, cement adhesive and any lime-based substance on porcelain tiles, ...


The RUBI range of products for cleaning, protection and maintenance ensures a high level of service and offers a global solution to the user by having products for all possible treatment phases; cleaners, protectors, waxing products and other cleaning and finishing products. In addition to the necessary tools for its correct application, such as floats, sponges, cleaning buckets, cleaners and polishes.

The RUBI range of cleaning products for tiles and other materials responds to the needs of the sector.

The user will find within the RUBI range of cleaning, protection and maintenance, a wide range of specially developed products, not only for the most common cleaning cases in the process of laying the tiles, but also a set of cleaners specific to solve the most delicate and conflictive situations.

As we have said before, this set of other cleaning and finishing products completes perfectly the range of cleaning, protection and maintenance products that RUBI offers to professionals and individuals.