RUBI has a wide range of floats for finish floating mortar plastering. Within this range, the specialized professional will be able to find the polyethylene reticular floats.

These floats are for their low weight, ideal for vertical work and height.

The polyethylene reticular floats are suitable for any size of surface and provide maximum lightness and wear resistance.

With a very low water absorption, less than 1%, its dimensional stability is guaranteed.

The RUBI cross-linked polyethylene floats are available in two formats: rectangular and pointed.

The rectangular format is the most common and is used for large surfaces. The pointed format has its usefulness for corners with difficult access.

The grips of the RUBI reticular polyethylene floats have been carefully designed to offer the best relationship between comfort and manoeuvrability, to allow the professional to reach any area with the greatest ease and comfort.

The different models of RUBI reticular polyethylene float have a fine finish on their bases. This fine finish is perfect for all those situations in which we seek to leave at the end the finish in mortar wash.

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  • For finish floating mortar plastering.
  • Maximum lightness and resistance to wear.
  • Very low water absorption. Guarantees dimensional stability.

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Reticular polyethylene pointed TIP float 22,5x12 cm
  • Ref. - 83998
  • EAN-13 - 8413797839982
  • Units per box - 10
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Reticular polyethylene rectangular float 22,5x12 cm
  • Ref. - 83999
  • EAN-13 - 8413797839999
  • Units per box - 10
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