closeRUBCHUTE rubble chutes

RUBI-KANGURO "RUBCHUTE" rubber rubble chutes are without doubt the most economical and safest way to move rubble and other site waste from higher floors to containers at street level.The resistance and ease of use of RUBI-KANGURO "RUBCHUTE" rubber rubble chutes means that they are recommended for use in any construction work over several floors.

closeLIGHTCHUTE plastic rubble chutes

RUBI-KANGURO "LIGHTCHUTE" plastic rubble chutes are a very economical and safe option for transferring construction waste from upper stories to street level containers, and are particularly suitable for use in urban environments.The ease of use of RUBI-KANGURO "LIGHTCHUTE" plastic rubble chutes means that they are recommended for any construction ...

closeFLEXTUB plastic tubs

Some the biggest advantages of RUBI-KANGURO "FLEXTUB" plastic tubs are their multisector use and the fact that they combine optimal strength, good flexibility and lightness in a single product.RUBI-KANGURO "FLEXTUB" plastic tubs are ideal to collect waste and for mixing plasters and mortars on site.

closeESPUERTA range of rubber baskets

RUBI-KANGURO “ESPUERTA" model rubber baskets are highly-resistant, very versatile and functional products for any professional in the construction industry.The “ESPUERTA" model rubber baskets are suitable for mixing cement, mortar or any other material. They are perfect for loading solid materials, waste disposal and transporting tools, thanks ...

closeSPART rubber baskets

RUBI-KANGURO “SPART" model rubber baskets are equipped with two handles for excellent comfort and strength.They are very versatile and functional for all professionals in the construction sector.RUBI-KANGURO “SPART" model rubber baskets are available in various models with capacities of 9, 12 and 17 litres.

closeCARBONERA range of rubber baskets and tubs

RUBI-KANGURO “CARBONERA" model rubber baskets are equipped with two handles, to provide an excellent comfort and strength, and are highly versatile and functional for all professionals in the construction sector.RUBI-KANGURO “CARBONERA" model rubber baskets are available in several models with capacities of 18, 24 and 30 litres.

closeAccessories for rubble chutes

RUBI-KANGURO has a wide selection of accessories for your rubble chutes.Adaptable to both the "RUBCHUTE" rubber models and the "LIGHTCHUTE" or "RUBITECH" plastic models, RUBI-KANGURO accessories for rubble chutes allow them to be anchored to a floor slab, both horizontally and vertically, and to scaffolding more quickly, safely and comfortably.

closeRUBTRAY rubber trays

RUBI-KANGURO "RUBTRAY" rubber tray range is available in various capacities, ranging from 2 to 40 litres. They are a very versatile product for both ceramic tile fitters and for general construction industry professionals.RUBI-KANGURO "RUBTRAY" rubber trays, owing to their rigidity and strength, can be used for various activities, depending on the ...

closeRUBBERBUCK rubber buckets

The "RUBBERBUCK" rubber buckets are ideal for on-site use owing to their strength and the fact that they are easy to clean.The main use of RUBI-KANGURO "RUBBERBUCK" rubber buckets is measuring and transporting liquids, although, owing to their excellent abrasion and impact resistance (as they are flexible) they are very useful for rubble ...

closeITALIAN range of rubber buckets

The range of RUBI-KANGURO "ITALIANO" model rubber buckets are especially appreciated for their stability, compact size and easy transportation. In addition, their super-sized upper diameter and limited height make these models very versatile and functional buckets.The main use of RUBI-KANGURO "ITALIANO" rubber buckets range is measuring and ...

closeLIGHTBUCK plastic buckets

Construction professionals highly value ​​the quality of RUBI-KANGURO "LIGHTBUCK" plastic buckets because they are ideal for all kinds of jobs, either in the construction industry or in other sectors.The high density polyethylene used in their manufacture gives the RUBI-KANGURO "LIGHTBUCK" plastic bucket range excellent robustness and this is ...

closeGAVETA rubber trays

RUBI-KANGURO rubber drawers are designed to be used for ceramic tiling work and for any other job with cement, mortar or plaster.The very thick handles of RUBI-KANGURO drawers and their rounded shape provide a general greater product strength and improve the comfort in handling.The handles of RUBI-KANGURO drawers are parallel to the ground, ...

closeOther "RUBTUB" rubber baskets

The “RUBTUB” rubber baskets complete the RUBI-KANGURO rubber basket range.From the “RUBTUB” rubber basket range we would like to highlight the 105 and 106 models that offer large capacity solutions (45 and 80 litres respectively) and that are particularly suitable for mixing large quantities of cement and mortar, both manually and with an ...


RUBI presents their range of plastic and rubber construction products, an innovative range that respects the traditions of building and ceramic tile fixing professionals. The RUBI-KANGURO range of plastic and rubber construction products, offers the building professional versatility and unmatched quality, and a wide range to cover each job or activity.

The exceptional quality of these products is the result of many years of experience in the manufacture of rubber materials. The great durability of all the products in the range makes it the brand with the most quality recognition in Europe. The brand strategy is based on innovation and the development of new products based on the needs of different markets.

An interesting point is that the whole range of RUBI-KANGURO rubber and plastic products are made of the highest quality materials, environmentally friendly and through a non-polluting manufacturing process. In addition, once their usable life has passed, the products remain 100% recyclable.

The whole range of RUBI-KANGURO rubber and plastic products has "Urban Friendly" recognition for their high adaptation to the environment, due to dust and noise reduction. Besides being made of recyclable materials, they offer other benefits such as: cleanliness and durability. For example the rubber rubble chutes, are high durability products that offer reduced noise, which is very important when working in city centres and areas where the minimum noise is required. Or for our flexible rubber bucket range, easy to clean and to work with.

This range, like all products in the RUBI catalogue, has an international guarantee. RUBI provides a guarantee service worldwide through our sales offices and authorised dealers, which represent the importance and presence of our brand worldwide.