Rubber grout floats

Rubber grout floats

Tools and equipment for tile fixing


The wide range of RUBI rubber grout floats deserves a special mention. Specially designed for excellent finishing of grout joints and made of highly durable material that will allow us to obtain the best results along with comfortable working during implementation.

This range of accessories, like the other ranges in our catalogue, is designed to offer users time savings and to increase efficiency in their work At RUBI we are aware of today's importance of efficiency and time savings, so our product development managers are very focused on these concepts when designing new tools.

RUBI offers tile fixers a wide range of rubber grout floats with different levels of hardness and thickness. This range of different hardness in the RUBI range of rubber grout floats allows the tile fixer to always obtain the best finish.

The solid rubber floats are highly valued for their great resistance to abrasion and in giving the best finish at joints with widths of more than 3 mm.

The lightness of the TERMOFLEX rubber float allows the tile fixer to work on large surfaces as comfortably as possible.

RUBI does in addition have two categories of rubber grout floats; SUPERPRO for the most demanding jobs and PRO for smaller jobs.

It is worth noting the importance of grout joints in ceramic tile installation, and this is why RUBI have paid special attention to offer a complete, high quality range for the needs of professionals in the industry worldwide.

RUBI is present in more than 120 countries through our network of sales offices and authorized distributors. For this reason we make it easy for users around the world to find our tools and spare parts. Contact us at "Discover RUBI" or any of our social networks for information on where to find a dealer, we will gladly help.