The RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO kits are designed to equip the professional with the basic elements to carry out grouting and cleaning after the application of  the grouting material.

The kits are available in several configurations to meet the needs of the different markets and professionals of the tile installation.

All kits include a RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO bucket made of injected polypropylene (PP), to offer the user a lightweight and high resistance bucket.

It is equipped with 2 ribbed or perforated draining rollers to facilitate the draining operation and thus achieve a better draining of water, leaving the sponges with the optimum level of water.

The polypropylene (PP) draining grid incorporates a series of reinforcement points to provide greater resistance to bending and is located on the top of the bucket, as well as a decantation tray that allows us to take better advantage of the water in the tank. bucket.

The handle of polypropylene (PP) is located in longitudinal position to allow a more comfortable and safe transport.

To aid the cleaning of the RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO tray, the draining grid can be removed.

It is equipped with 2 wheels of large dimensions made of polypropylene (PP), to facilitate the maneuverability of the bucket when it has been filled with water.

The maximum capacity of the RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO bucket is 24 litres, but its useful capacity (up to the draining grid) is 19 litres.


  • Consisting of:
  • RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO washboy (Ref. 21998)
  • Sponge float SUPERPRO PLUS (Ref. 20908)
  • Sponge float SUPERPRO (Ref. 20924)
  • Latex gloves (Ref. 20907)
  • Rubber grout float TERMOFLEX SUPERPRO (Ref. 65976)

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  • Units per pallet - 18
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Product reviews

stephen DOUGLAS
stephen DOUGLAS Thursday, 14 February 2019

I found the sponge handle drips and think the wheels could be better. I also find it difficult to clean the grout out of the bucket at the end. A corner that had a pouring lip would be useful too.

Szymon Sala
Szymon Sala Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Wiaderko rewelacyjne, duża pojemność, bardzo wytrzymałe. Pacą do fugowania przyjemnie się pracuje dobrze nakłada fugę. Natomiast paca do zmywania taka na 4.

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