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The RUBILEVEL MAGNET level range is made from extremely light rectangular profiles, without sacrificing resistance, owing to the longitudinal ribs which provide greater structural reinforcement

RUBI machines the base of RUBILEVEL MAGNET levels in all models of the range, to ensure constant accuracy of 0.5 mm/m, and they also have rare earth magnets inserted, which exert a greater holding power than traditional ferrite magnets.

Owing to the magnetic capacity of the RUBILEVEL MAGNET levels, professional fitters are able to check levels on metallic structures without having to fasten the level.

Their three acrylic vials, sealed with epoxy resin, provide high impact resistance, as well as resistance against the negative effects of UV rays, and allow for checking horizontal, vertical and 45º levels.

The impact resistant rubber protectors at both ends of the RUBILEVEL MAGNET levels should also be noted. Moreover, these protectors are removable and enable professionals to mark in corners and in tight areas.

Thanks to the work and cooperation of all the departments at the company and the great loyalty of our customers, scattered all around the world, we are aware of demands and specific needs of each market. For these reasons, we design and manufacture products and tools that are tailored to each type of market and that meet the needs of the professional.

This range of products, like other ranges in our catalogue, is designed to save users time and increase the efficiency of their work. At RUBI we are aware of the importance today of efficiency and time savings, so our product development managers are very focused on these concepts when designing new tools.


  • Level manufactured with reliable, resistant aluminium.
  • Machined base to ensure consistent accuracy and Neodymium magnets inserted to hold it on metal surfaces.
  • Accuracy: 0,5 mm/m.
  • Three bubbles, for checking horizontal,vertical and and 45º levels.

References and models for RUBILEVEL MAGNET levels

80 cm MAGNET RUBILEVEL construction level
  • Ref. - 76931
  • EAN-13 - 8413797769319
  • Units per box - 8
  • card_giftcardPoints: 6
50 cm MAGNET RUBILEVEL construction level
  • Ref. - 76929
  • EAN-13 - 8413797769296
  • Units per box - 8
  • card_giftcardPoints: 4
60 cm MAGNET RUBILEVEL construction level
  • Ref. - 76930
  • EAN-13 - 8413797769302
  • Units per box - 8
  • card_giftcardPoints: 4

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