RUBIMIX Accessories

RUBIMIX Accessories


closeM14/FAST-IN adapter

Adapter use the FAST-IN paddles.Transforms threaded M14x2 connection to the FAST-IN connection system.Adaptable to any electric mixer with threaded connection ...


Plastic buckets with 65L and 40L capacity, both can be used with all RUBIMIX models, the 65L is a replacement for the RUBIMIX-50 N mixer and the 40L for the RUBIMIX-25 N.


Chuck attachable to RUBIMIX-9, 9 PLUS, and the RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX, to work with hexagonal finish paddles of less than 12 mm.Includes drill chuck key - S2. Ref. ...


Its varied line of accessories for electric mixers is the perfect complement for our RUBIMIX and its mixing rods.

The chuck head makes it possible to adapt the entire range of RUBIMIX electric mixers to the use of non-threaded rods.

RUBIMIX cuvettes, robust and large capacity allow the user to make their mixtures with full warranty.

Not forgetting, of course, the connection system for FAST-IN® mixing rods adaptable to any mixer with M14 screw connection.

The FAST-IN® connection system allows the user to disassemble and change the mixing rods quickly and easily, without the need for tools.