Safety equipment

Safety equipment


For the construction professionals their hands are their most prized tool, for that reason they must be protected at all times.Enhancing its current range of gloves, RUBI offers professionals several models, designed to assist and protect professionals in their work. Aware of the occupational hazards of the construction world, especially of ...

closeSpecial templates for tile fixing

Enhancing its current range of special tiling soles, RUBI offers professionals new models, designed to assist and improve working conditions for professionals in their day-to-day work.Aware of the large number of situations existing in the world of construction, especially in ceramic tile fitting, RUBI’s goal is to equip the professional with a ...

closeProfessional protectors

Enhancing its existing range of professional protectors, RUBI offers professionals new models to facilitate and protect them in their work. Aware of the occupational hazards in the construction world, especially in the fixing of ceramic tiles, RUBI’s aim is to equip professionals with a selection of professional protectors, specially designed to ...

closeKnee pads, ergonomic seat and kneeling cushion

Reinforcing its current range of knee pads, ergonomic seat and cushion, RUBI offers professionals new models, designed to facilitate and protect professionals in their work.


RUBI is very concerned about the safety of ceramic tile fixers. Therefore, it has its own line of personal protective equipment (PPE), specially designed for ceramic tile fixers and adapted to all needs and working conditions.

Always starting from the professional’s safety, RUBI only offers reliable products and tools of the highest quality. The long tradition we have in the field of ceramic tile fixing and our high self-imposed standards, means that we offer professionals safe, reliable and high-quality tools.

The RUBI cutter that was created to solve the problem with cement tile cutting. After more than 65 years, our company is still providing solutions to ceramic tile fixers by designing tools and products to suit the user's needs. One of the reasons that allow us to provide these solutions is the design of products based on the development of new materials, and in the case of the range of safety equipment, on established safety standards.

The research and development process enables us to offer the professional a range of protection and safety products that will make their job easier and safer, with a special focus on the body parts that may suffer the most during the cutting and fixing of ceramic tiles.

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