Thanks to the work and cooperation of all the company's departments and the great loyalty of our customers scattered all around the world, we are aware of the demands and specific needs of each market. For these reasons, RUBI is capable of designing and manufacturing products and tools that are tailored to each type of market and that meet the needs of all professionals.

That is why the range of RUBI fixing tools and equipment is conceived and designed exclusively for the ceramic tile installer, offering varied solutions for each job.

This range includes everything needed by the building professional, and especially ceramic tile fixers, for proper application and handling of mortar, plaster and grout, and to get perfect results. At RUBI we have always had a very close relationship with ceramic tile fixers and it is vital for us to have a constant and fluent communication with them. That's why we have all the necessary tools to offer industry professionals an innovative product able to provide solutions to their daily needs while working.

Not all markets are the same, and not all professionals work equally. For this reason, the RUBI range of fixing tools and equipment is available in different versions, shapes, sizes and materials. This is due to the different traditions of all the countries where we are present and where we are leaders as the brand used by ceramic tile fixing professionals.

RUBI is now present in over 120 countries, thanks to our network of sales offices, subsidiaries and authorized dealers. For this reason we make it easy for users around the world to find our tools and spare parts.