With the wide range of accessories you can improve performance and equip your RUBI equipment with new features. More versatility and quality for your work. An exhaustive study has made it possible to offer ceramic tile cutting and installing professionals an extensive range of accessories, both to facilitate the work for the user and to improve and adapt to new needs, achieving results of the highest quality and precision.

For the design and manufacture of new products, RUBI has computer tools, software and specialized 3D equipment. This means that the engineering department has the best resources to design functional and innovative tools in a short space of time and to quickly place them in the hands of professionals.

These accessories allow us to achieve better finishes and easier work in all our families. In cutting ceramic tiles, either manually or electrically, we offer professionals a range of accessories, highly compatible in many cases, to suit cutting needs like miter or bevel cuts, and new materials.

RUBI has also designed a range of accessories for ceramic tile installing, an extensive range to suit the needs of each market and in order to offer a quality solution. Another important part is the line of accessories for power tools, giving them an added versatility and extra possibilities.

We must also mention the range of accessories for drilling ceramic tiles, giving installers practical and effective solutions when making holes and drilling in harder materials or when external cooling is needed.

In designing these accessories, the RUBI RDI team, consisting of engineers and professionals from around the world, has been vital. The fact that we receive information from many parts of the world gives us the opportunity to have a global view of the business and the needs of professionals to design tools adapted to each market.

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