General warranty conditions

All the products manufactured and marketed by the RUBI GROUP are checked, tested, and comply with strict quality controls, as required by law and our own RUBI GROUP standards.

Thanks to this, the RUBI GROUP can offer a warranty on ALL its products. This warranty does not limit or waive the buyer's right to file liability claims resulting from hidden flaws or defects in the products sold.


All products manufactured and marketed by the RUBI GROUP are covered by this warranty.


This commercial warranty is valid for THREE (3) years from the purchase date.

As an exception, it will be increased to FOUR (3+1) or FIVE (3+2) years, as specified in the catalogue and/or packaging, for those products whose purchase is registered online at www.rubi.com/en/club or through the free CLUB RUBI app within THIRTY (30) days from the date of purchase.


This warranty covers the repair or replacement, at no cost and within a reasonable time frame, due to any defects that appear in the materials or in the manufacture or design of the product and that are proven to have occurred within the specified warranty period.

The warranty period begins from the date of sale of the product to the original purchaser. The date shown on the original sales receipt will be regarded as the date of purchase.

The product can only be registered online at www.rubi.com/en/club or through the free CLUB RUBI app. Proof of purchase will be the online registration, which must be printed out immediately, or the original purchase receipt showing the date of the purchase. The product can only be registered online if the buyer agrees to let RUBI store the data that the buyer is required to provide.

Products that exhibit defects will only be repaired or replaced once the RUBI GROUP acknowledges that the product is under warranty under the terms in point 6. The RUBI GROUP may, at its discretion, repair or replace a product that is not functioning correctly with a current or later model. Any tools or parts replaced will become the property of the RUBI GROUP. Repairs and spare parts will be guaranteed for SIX MONTHS from the repair date.

Claims made under this warranty can only be filed within the warranty period. To do so, the product and the original sales receipt showing the date of purchase and the name of the product must be presented or sent to the RUBI GROUP or to one of the Technical Assistance Services listed on our website (www.rubi.com/en/after-sales-service).

For products that were registered online and as a result are covered by a FOUR (4) or FIVE (5) year commercial warranty, the document proving said registration, in printed or digital format, must also be provided.

The use of the after-sales service shall not imply an extension or renewal of the duration of the product warranty.

The following are excluded from this warranty:

Defects that are present in the components or products themselves that are due to wear caused by use or other type of natural wear. These claims can only be filed within the first THIRTY (30) days after the product's purchase date (as shown on the purchase receipt).

All products regarded as consumable and/or disposable unless they are completely new and unused.

Defects identified on products that are caused by a failure to observe and/or comply with the usage and operating instructions, usage not in accordance with the intended use of the product, abnormal environmental factors, unusual operating conditions, overloading or improper maintenance or cleaning.

Faults identified in the products that are caused by using accessories or spare parts that are not original RUBI GROUP parts

Products that have alterations, modifications, or additions not authorized by the RUBI GROUP.

Products that are presented or shipped partially or fully disassembled are not covered by the warranty.

Minimum irregularities in the condition of the product that have no effect on its value or proper use.


This warranty applies to all sales to end consumers in any country in the world.