Quality, environment, occupational health and safety policy

For GERMANS BOADA, S.A., a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of machinery, tools, equipment and professional products for the construction industry. After-sales service: the quality of our products must be a true reflection of our customers' requirements, thus ensuring the long-term success of the company.

All this is to be achieved while ensuring the safety of our employees and minimizing the environmental impact during the course of our activities.

Based on these premises, the following principles are established, declared, assumed and communicated:

The corporate objective of Germans Boada S.A. and the companies of the Group with respect to quality is to offer only products that, with the technology and means available, can be manufactured with full customer satisfaction, without accepting any conditions that may affect the optimum quality of the products and/or services, while complying at all times with the requirements of the customer and any legal and regulatory requirements.

We will provide our workers with safe and healthy working conditions, by pursuing the elimination of hazards and the minimization of risks that may affect their health.

We will monitor and implement measures in all our activities and products to minimize their impact on the environment.

We are committed to complying with the applicable legislation on occupational health and safety and the environment, as well as with other requirements that Germans Boada S.A. has subscribed to.

These principles must be transferred to the entire organization while ensuring that our suppliers comply with the requirements applicable to them.

The Management Team is ultimately responsible for the definition, implementation and monitoring of the Management System, as well as the definition of periodic Objectives and the dissemination of this Policy.

In order to comply with these premises, each employee of Germans Boada, S.A. and of the Group's companies must be responsible for the tasks assigned to them by the company's Management and must be respectful of the work environment. At the same time, each job is a customer and supplier of others, and it is this mentality that underpins our work.

To ensure that the ability to meet these commitments is in place, each employee shall receive the information and training required for his or her job.

Germans Boada S.A. and the companies of the Group want continuous improvement of its Management System, and that is why it follows the PDCA method (Plan, Do, Check and Act to achieve continuous improvement).

Rubi, 2nd May, 2023