Participants in the RUBI Club points program will be users of RUBI products, professionals from the ceramics and construction sector in general, of legal age and who have registered and purchased RUBI products via web or Club RUBI APP as of 10 March 2018.

The Club RUBI reserves the right to terminate associates for the reasons that are convenient, especially for those related to bad practices and offensive comments by any means


Each member has an account of personal and non-transferable points, obtained both through the registration of products and through their participation in diverse actions proposed by Club RUBI.

The member's points account will remain active as long as the member is registered with the Club RUBI and accepts the general conditions of the Club RUBI, especially those referring to the means of communication. When a member is disenrolled from Club RUBI, they will automatically withdraw their points account, without there being any right to claim points


Each member will be able to consult his balance of points through the Club RUBI App or through the web www.rubi.com, previously identified.

The members who have points can change them until their expiration.

Accumulated RUBI points have an expiration date of 2 years.

The points are personal and non-transferable.


You must have accumulated a minimum of 100 RUBI points in order to request the redemption of points.

The return of points will have to be requested in multiples of 100 RUBI points.

In order to request the redemption of RUBI points, from 100 minimum points, 10 points will have to come, as a minimum, from the registration of RUBI products.

Points can be redeemed via App Club RUBI or www.rubi.com for multiple amounts of 100 points, two strokes a year.

The Club will send a communication to all the members with points to ask if they want to recall them or they want to keep accumulating them.

The member with points, who he meets the requirements, may also assign his points to solidarity projects in which Club RUBI collaborates.

The recipient of the income or the award check is responsible for deciding and finding out if it is necessary to declare the entry to the national treasury.

Once you have exchanged the points for gift checks, the expiration of the checks obtained will depend on the conditions of each provider.

Once a gift check has been generated and sent, it can not be generated again.

When a user asks to exchange the accumulated points for money or a gift check, the system will ask you to select from which platform you want to receive the corresponding check or the equivalent amount.

The currency of the check will depend on the nationality of the selected platform and the change will be made at the exchange rate of the day of issuance of the check.

Once the points exchange options have been selected, you can not change the currency or platform.

The member may also assign their points to be exchanged for a contribution to one of the solidarity programs with which Club RUBI collaborates.

  • Transfers will be done when the points redemption period will end


The RUBI Club reserves the right to modify the conditions of the Program at any time, including a possible cancellation, although it agrees to communicate 15 days before the new conditions or, if necessary, the final cancellation.

If an incorrect participation in the RUBI Club Points Program occurs on behalf of a RUBI Club member, as well as a breach of these rules, the RUBI Club reserves the right to block its RUBI Points account or may even give automatically terminated the participation of this partner by sending a notification.

Participation in the Program implies acceptance of all the General Conditions of the Program.

For any litigious issue that may arise from this promotion, both the Club RUBI and Germans Boada SA and those who participate expressly renounce the jurisdiction that corresponds to them and expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

The donations made through the RUBI Points Program in favor of charities will not be fiscally deductible nor will any certificate certifying the donation be issued by the RUBI Club or the entity. The reason is that the personal data of the partners who make the donations are not provided and these are anonymous.

The RUBI Club reserves the right to terminate members for the reasons that create the conveniences, especially those related to bad practices and comments from others.