The RUBI range of dry cutting diamond drill bits is the solution to one of the most delicate situations in ceramic tile installing, drilling. Especially in harder materials such as porcelain stoneware. This situation is no longer a problem with the DRYGRES range of dry cutting diamond drill bits by RUBI.

In the dry cutting drilling range, as in most of the RUBI catalogue, we have had the collaboration of industry professionals and end-users in the design and creation process; this joint work allows us to release products with guarantees that meet the needs of our most demanding customers.

The RUBI range of dry cutting diamond drill bits has been specially designed for use with a grinder, the fastest solution to the drilling of all types of ceramic tiles and natural stone. The DRYGRES dry cutting diamond drill bits are also compatible with the use of an electric non-percussion drill. Available in single packs or multi-drill bit kits.

On the other hand, RUBI provides a range of dry cutting diamond drill bits exclusively designed to use with electric drills. This is the range of DRYGRES 4DRILL, which are compatible with battery drills, always without a striker.

The DRYGRES dry cutting diamond drill bits are the ultimate solution for drilling ceramic tiles and other wall materials, both during the installation process and at the end.

These drill bits, manufactured by a vacuum brazed technology process, have become a benchmark for drilling porcelain tiles, giving a reliable solution to the most demanding professional, who always expects the best from a brand like RUBI, always there to support the ceramic tile installer, and offering the highest quality tools.

This range, like all products in the RUBI catalogue, has an international guarantee. RUBI provides a guarantee service worldwide through our sales offices and authorized dealers, which represent the importance and presence of our brand worldwide. To understand the proper functioning of dry cutting drill bits and to get the best possible performance, you can consult our explanatory website videos.