closePlastic wooden handle floats

The RUBI wooden handle float stands out for its large work surface, thereby enabling construction professionals to achieve better performance in their work. It is very light, which makes large sections much easier, and also resistant, extending the tool’s life.


In response to market needs and in order to satisfy all professionals, RUBI has a wide and varied range of floats on offer.

The RUBI float range, one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, comprises a wide array of models.

Highly abrasion resistant floats with a reinforced injected polystyrene plate for durability and a perfectly flat base.

The RUBI float range also includes expanded polystyrene (POREX) models and polyurethane floats.

These polyurethane floats are made of one single piece of injected polyurethane, which means that these tools are extremely lightweight and ideal for continued use.

Within the RUBI float range, users can find two different finishes; rough sheet and smooth sheet.

The variety of handles in the RUBI float range should also be noted.

At RUBI we have always been concerned about the health of professionals. The concept of ergonomics is always present within the design of our tools, as we believe that safety and minimizing the risk of injury at work are essential for health and proper performance.

It is important to stress, as with all products from the catalogue at the time of manufacture of the full range of tools, that we maintain a great respect for the environment. All our products and tools in this range have little negative impact on the environment and are largely recyclable.

At RUBI we have always had a very close relationship with ceramic tile installers and it is vital for us to have constant, fluent communication with them. That's why we have all the necessary tools to offer industry professionals an innovative product able to provide solutions to their daily needs while working.