In the extensive RUBI catalogue there are some families and products that have different applications, tools and very versatile accessories that allow us to work with different materials and in different applications without losing quality or level of performance. This is the case of wet cut diamond drill bits, which we can also use as glass drill bits.

In the ceramic tile installation field there are some materials that require more specific tools. Glass tiles, for example, require very specific treatment. RUBI diamond drill bits are designed to get the best results in the most delicate ceramic materials, so for this reason, and without being drill bits for glass, their performance with this particular material gives great results.

Glass drill bits are wet cut drill bits, so that constant cooling of the drill bit is needed during the cutting process. These drill bits, which are manufactured using an electroplating method, produce very little vibration during cutting, and become a very good solution for work with this kind of material. With their variety of diameters and accessories for cooling, making holes in glass is safe, quick and easy.

Thanks to the knowledge of new ceramic materials, industrial adhesives and construction materials, RUBI is always working on the design and manufacture of innovative products offering high quality solutions and time savings to industry professionals, always focused on getting the best results. On the RUBI website, you can find a file of photos and videos properly classified for each tool, which will help you learn more about the product. The videos show the most important uses and applications of each tool. You only need look at the catalogue, and choose the product, there you will find all the information and audiovisual support you need.

Glass drill bits