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Grout cleaning tools

Grout cleaning tools

closeRUBICLEAN buckets

The RUBICLEAN buckets are designed to ensure maximum performance when cleaning ceramic tile after application of grouting material. With various capacities, all RUBICLEAN buckets incorporate a roller system to ensure that sponges are properly drained.

closeSponges, floats and pads

RUBI sponges, floats and pads are designed to cover a large variety of situations which ceramic tile fitters in particular face daily, offering them a range of products that allows them to achieve finishes and a degree of cleaning with the highest possible level of quality.


The RUBI grout cleaning tools combines both manual and electric tools, which allows to adapt and get the best results depending on the type of installation where you are working.

This work ranges from grouting to subsequent cleaning, including the possibility of ceramic or natural stone, draining racks and cleaning kits, and two electrical machines. One is for cleaning joints in large areas and the other one for polishing, cutting, waxing, etc.

Grouting and cleaning is the culmination of any installation of ceramic tiles. RUBI has everything to meet the needs of every professional after completion of the installation process. RUBI also offers a comprehensive range for the maintenance of ceramics and natural stone flooring materials.

The process of creating our grout cleaning tools includes a test period in real working situations in different markets, conducted by a trusted group of professionals in the industry. This action allows us to identify areas of improvement in our products before putting them on sale and/or adapting them to the needs of the end-user.

The RUBI range of grout cleaning tools, like all products in the catalogue, has an international guarantee. RUBI provides a guarantee service worldwide through our sales offices and authorized dealers, which represent the importance and presence of our brand worldwide.

We also provide you with a great many documents such as: product data sheets, photographs or demonstration videos, with the sole purpose of always providing maximum information to bring our product closer to the professional.