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Large Format Tile Installation

Large Format Tile Installation


closeTile beating block

RUBI tile beating blocks have been designed so that the professional tile installer can ensure a good setting and a good level of ceramic tiles during laying tile in place.RUBI manufactures its beating blocks with water-repellent wood with great resistance to abrasion and excellent behavior against water and humidity.

closeTile Regulator

The Tile Regulator allows easy and precise adjustment of the space generated between tiles during installation, for both, in-wall installations, and flooring. Tool especially useful with large format tiles.

closeVibrador para cerámica QUAKE ENERGY CAS

El QUAKE ENERGY CAS es un vibrador ligero y compacto, especialmente diseñado para evitar la generación de aire encapsulado en el reverso de la baldosa cerámica, facilitando una idónea humectación y adherencia.


Vibrador manual, ligero y compacto, diseñado para facilitar la eliminación de burbujas de aire entre el adhesivo y la baldosa de cerámica. Especialmente recomendado en la instalación de láminas porcelánicas.


The installation of large-format porcelain sheet requires the use of very specific equipment with elements for cutting and handling. For this, the SLAB SYSTEM range already offers its solutions for cutting (SLIM CUTTER and TC-125) and handling (SLIM EASYTRANS and SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY).

In the installation process, the vast majority of the necessary tools are tools similar to tools used by a professional installer that would use for a traditional job: trowels, combs, bits, mixers... But there is, due to the peculiarities of the material, the need to use some other more specific tools.

More in detail, we can start with the range of suction cups for rough surfaces, perfect to help in the installation and handling of pieces already cut or even as extra clamping elements.

On the other hand, we have the flattener for tiler. This particular tool is, in porcelain sheet installation, the natural substitute for the traditional rubber mallet. It must be explained that, for these materials of such reduced thickness, the use of the traditional rubber mallet is not recommended. Therefore, in its place, the flattener will not only help to position the piece and make it easier for the adhesive to adhere correctly, but it will also facilitate the escape of air that may be trapped in it.

In any case, the range of tools for the installation of large-format porcelain sheets or slabs must be completed with the rest of the necessary tools as in any ceramic tile installation.

Our strong commitment to professionals makes us to continue working and improving all our products. Designing and incorporating new versions and models to current product lines. With more than 60 years of experience behind it, RUBI continues to offer professionals in the sector the best tools for installing ceramic tiles.