closeMULTIDRILL tank and hose

Allows for proper cooling of FORAGRES, MINIGRES and EASYGRES wet cutting bits.40.6 fl oz tank capacity, with manual pressure pump.Includes 6.6 ft of hose.

closeMULTIDRILL guide

The MULTIDRILL guide allows efficient centering both in the drilling of holes in dry cut and in wet cutting. The MULTIDRILL guide is fixed using a suction cup, directly on the surface to be drilled.


By means of suction cup fixing, it allows drilling with perforations for both horizontal and vertical surfaces with accuracy and precision, preventing the bit from moving.


RUBI has a complete range of accessories for diamond bits.

Whether for dry cutting or wet cutting, the different accessories for diamond drill bits are the ideal complement to obtain the best possible results and that every professional looks for his ceramic tile laying works.

Both the MULTIDRILL guide, with suction attachment and connection to a water cooling system, and the ZERO DUST guide, which is fixed to any surface thanks to the vacuum system generated inside it when connected to a vacuum cleaner, allow the professional to find a perfect solution to multiple materials and situations; generating, always, the least amount of dust.

On the other hand, the FORAGRES guide, a RUBI classic, which continues to be one of the most used guides on the market, allows the centering of bits up to 120 mm in diameter. The FORAGRES guide is specially designed for water-cooled holes, in which the silicone gasket of its base allows the professional to focus the volume of water only in the drilling zone, and its exclusive system of regulation of the depth of perforation avoids that the professional can perforate in excess the material.

We can not forget about the different systems, both for cooling for wet cutting, and for the elimination of dust generated with the use of dry cutting diamond bits. The latter is highly recommended for work in environments in which the minimization of dust is essential, either because of the limited work space or reduced ventilation or even possible legislative requirements of some markets.

Thanks to the wide variety of accessories for drilling, RUBI makes available to the construction professional the range of solutions for the most complete drilling that the market can offer.

The range of accessories for tungsten carbide drill bits completes, perfectly, this well-known tile drilling system.

The need to attach these bits to an electric drill, without percussion, centers the content of the range. The heads and centering bits are the necessary complement for the proper functioning of the RUBI tungsten carbide drill bits.