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Scoring wheels

Scoring wheels

Tile Cutters and Scoring Wheels

closeEXTREME Scoring wheels and rollers

The RUBI EXTREME range of scoring wheels and rollers are perfect for working with materials of maximum difficulty. Especially in those that present rough and / or structured finishes.

closeENDURE Scoring Wheels

The RUBI ENDURE range of scoring wheels offer higher performance in ceramic materials with high cutting difficulties. Especially recommended for cutting tiles with rough and / or structured finishes.

closeGOLD Scoring Wheels

The GOLD range of RUBI scoring wheels allows to obtain a longer life of use and to obtain great results in the need to cut ceramic materials with a medium to high cutting difficulty.

closeSILVER rims and rollers

Within the SILVER range of RUBI rotors and rollers, the ceramic professional installer will find all the options to obtain perfect cuts in ceramics of low to medium difficulty.

closeScoring wheels Kit

Based on our experience and the purchasing habits of professionals in the industry from all over the world, we offer you a wide variety of kits and sets of scoring wheels.

close3/4in Scoring Wheel PLUS

The exclusive machining and sharpening of the scoring wheel of the RUBI Ø3/4in PLUS rounder allow it to offer an exceptional quality in the scratching, both of ceramic tiles of porcelain stoneware

close3/8in Scoring Wheel PLUS

The exclusive machining and sharpening of the rulina of the RUBI Ø7/8in scoring wheel PLUS rounder allow it to offer an exceptional quality in the scratching, both of ceramic tiles of porcelain stoneware.


Thanks to its varied range of tungsten carbide wheels and rulins, RUBI offers the ceramic tile installer the possibility of adapting and enhancing the characteristics of all its manual cutters to the current offer of ceramic materials.

Available in several diameters, the RUBI rides and rulins, adpatan to all the current ceramic materials, obtaining the best performance for each of them.

The RUBI cords, are easily interchangeable with each other. The user does not need any tool for it. Being a fast, clean and simple maneuver that increases, substantially, the productivity of each one of our manual cutters.

The RUBI rodels are presented in two different models: the STANDARD model and the PLUS model. The STANDARD model, also known simply as "rodel", is suitable for all RUBI hand-held cutters, except those of the TX and TZ ranges. For these two ranges, users must use the PLUS model cords. With a handle of greater length and diameter, adapted for these cutters of greater capacity and power.

Some of our range of cutters do not use "rodeles", understanding this as the set formed by the handle, the shaft and the rulina, since by its design and functions, the cutter only needs the rulina of tungsten carbide. For these ranges of cutters (TEN-BRIC, BASIC, TQ, TP and SLIM CUTTER), users also have a wide variety of rulinas, which you can choose and adapt according to the needs of each job.

Apart from the different diameters and models that RUBI puts at the disposal of the professional, the GOLD and EXTREME versions are also available. The coils of the GOLD version have a coating, in the rulina, of titanium carbide that increases the performance of the rodel by 30% compared to the traditional rides and rulinas. The EXTREME version, only available for 22 mm PLUS and 22 mm rides, offers the same advantages as the GOLD cranks but with the addition of a bearing that facilitates scratching and allows a better cut of all those ceramic materials with rough or structured (textured) surfaces.