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Tile Installation Tools

closePRO Heavy-duty scraper 5"

The heavy-duty scraper 5" is ideal for repair jobs (substitution of broken tiles, p.e.) and renovations. Helps to remove ceramic tiles, wallpaper, vinyl tiles, carpets, paint coats, etc...

closeGrout scraper

With an ergonomic design and its three working speeds, the RUBISCRAPER-250 allows for small repairs and replacement of pieces, until the complete renewal of the grout on a tiled surface.


The RUBISCRAPER-250 electric scraper is the fastest and safest option to eliminate cement-based laying joints, since unlike other systems available (grinder, oscillating, etc.)


The family of RUBI tools and implements includes a variety of scrapers.

The facade mortar scrapers, available in two sizes and types of handles; wood or plastic, are highlights of the RUBI scraper range. All RUBI facade mortar scrapers are equipped with a highly wear resistant galvanized steel sheet.

To ensure proper fastening and resistance, the sheet and the handle are joined together with screws. This also makes replacing the sheet much easier, once it is worn out.

The RUBI range of products for fitting ceramic tiles also includes the joint scraper, with its combinable and interchangeable blades to adapt to different thicknesses of grout joints.

The RUBI joint scraper is perfect for those repair jobs in which the installer has to remove tiles which have already been fitted. Scraping the grout joint reduces the risk of damaging the perimeter tiles and makes fitting the new item easier.

To complete the range of scrapers, RUBI also has a range of plaster scrapers. 100% aluminum for maximum resilience while retaining the lightweight nature of this material at all times.

The RUBI brand is known for the great durability and quality of its tools. For more than 65 years, RUBI has only manufactured products of high durability and strength, to give the best performance in the toughest working conditions and adapting to the demands of each market.

The RUBI training approach with professionals is very plain, a clear example of this being that since the inception of the company participation at international fairs has been vital to its development. At RUBI a great deal is invested in participation at international trade shows and exhibitions, which means that our global recognition continues to grow and we can continue to develop solutions to facilitate the work of industry professionals worldwide.