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Sponges, floats and pads

Sponges, floats and pads

Grout cleaning tools

closePRO Sponges

The PRO sponge is made of flexible polyester-based polyurethane, and has a medium level of absorption. It is ideal for general cleaning of all types of surfaces, and is compatible with the use of acid-based cleaning products.

closeSUPERPRO Sponges

SUPERPRO sponges are characterized by their quality and size, especially suited to facilitate the cleaning stages of ceramic tile installing jobs. With the SUPERPRO range of sponges, RUBI offers ceramic tile installers one of the most varied and comprehensive ranges on the market.

closeSUPERPRO 25 cm pads

To clean ceramic surfaces and other materials.Float with three different roughness replaceable pads; soft (red), medium (blue) and hard (brown).Float with three very stuff pads (white).3 sets of pads: very soft (white), soft (red), medium (blue) and hard (brown)Available set of 3 pads of different roughness: soft (red), medium (blue) and hard ...

closeSUPERPRO sponge floats with wooden handle

The SUPERPRO sponge float with wooden handle is made of flexible polyester-based polyurethane, has a medium level of absorption and is ideal for general cleaning of all surfaces and tile joint finishes, and is compatible with the use of acid-based cleaning products.

closePRO sponge floats with plastic handle

The HIDRO high absorption sponge is made of flexible polyester-based polyurethane; its high level of absorption and excellent abrasion resistance make it ideal for cleaning all surfaces, especially the coarsest ones. Its use with acid-based products is not recommended.

closeSUPERPRO 11.81x5.31 in. sponge floats with replaceable handle

RUBI really knows the needs of ceramic tile fitters, and has therefore created the PLUS version within its SUPERPRO range of sponges, with longitudinal cuts on one side of the sponge to facilitate and improve the collection of sediment and dirt.

closeSUPERPRO rubber-foam float sponge with plastic handle

The RUBI plastic rubber foam-handle floats are perfect for working gypsum surfaces, fine plasters or concrete and achieve a certain surface texture, achieving a final decorative finish.


The RUBI range of sponges, floats and pads offers professionals, both ceramic tile fitters and those from the general construction industry, a set of tools for cleaning and finishes that meets their needs perfectly.

RUBI sponges, floats and pads are designed to cover a large variety of situations which ceramic tile fitters in particular face daily, offering them a range of products that allows them to achieve finishes and a degree of cleaning with the highest possible level of quality.

From the variety of models, RUBI offers two different qualities in its selection of sponges, floats and pads:

- PRO: products with the best price-quality ratio.

- SUPERPRO: products designed to perform in the most demanding situations.

It should be noted that, within the range of sponges, floats and pads, there is a line of floats with an interchangeable base, which allows professionals to adjust the product to each situation by simply changing the sponge and to adapt two different sizes of sponge to the same handle. Therefore, work is more profitable and can be adapted to every situation.

At RUBI we know how people work in every country in the world, we know the demands of ceramic tile installers and we have knowledge of all materials used for installations and repairs. For these reasons RUBI is a recognized brand and clearly focused on a professional and demanding industry. That's why RUBI offers you all the knowledge and experience to manufacture high precision tools. The high demands of our customers and the market has led us to put our expertise into designing tools and products for cutting and installing ceramic tiles as accurately as possible.

RUBI is now present in over 120 countries, thanks to our network of sales offices, subsidiaries and authorized dealers. For this reason, we make it easy for users around the world to find our tools and spare parts.