Tile and stone polishing pads

Tile and stone polishing pads

Tile and stone polishing pads


At RUBI, we are perfectly aware of the requirements of the professional ceramic tile installer. That’s why we are aware that these professionals sometimes have to perform work on natural stones.

Most of these jobs, on site, focus on rectifying and finishing cuts. That's why RUBI provides building professionals with the range of tile and stone polishing pads for finishes.

This comprehensive range of tile and stone polishing pads is designed for the professional who seeks the highest quality in their finishes.

The RUBI range of polishing pads is especially designed for the surface treatment of natural stones.

The RUBI tile and stone polishing pads guarantee the best finishes in both dry work and all that carried out wet.

Within the range of polishing pads, professionals will find different grains and all special finishing strips.

The range of RUBI tile and stone polishing pads completely satisfies the needs of construction professionals.

In RUBI, we know how people work in every country in the world, we know the demands of ceramic tile installers and we have knowledge of all materials used for installations and repairs. For these reasons, RUBI is a recognized brand and clearly focused on a professional and demanding industry. That's why RUBI offers you all the knowledge and experience to manufacture high precision tools. The high demands of our customers and the market has led us to put our expertise into designing tools and products for cutting and installing ceramic tiles as accurately as possible.

Moreover, on the internet you can check the great impact of the RUBI name among professionals. There are thousands of searches, articles, media and methods by which RUBI ensures it is close to the professional and gives continued support and help at any time.