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Diamond blades

Diamond blades

closeDry Diamond Blades

RUBI has a complete range of dry cutting diamond blades. In the RUBI range of dry cutting diamond blades, professionals will find various types of blades to fully meet their needs.

closeDiamond blades for cutting and grinding

Diamond cutting and grinding blades allow us to cover precisely that need for versatility. It offers in a single product the cutting function of all types of ceramic materials and natural stones.

closePREMIUM Diamond Blades

The RUBI range of PREMIUM diamond blades is a sure bet for excellence and quality. Formed by several ranges, PREMIUM blades offer the professional the latest technology in the design of diamond blades.

closePRO Diamond Blades

RUBI has a very complete range of PRO blades, varied in diameters from 4-1/2" blades to 10" The professional will find in the RUBI range of PRO diamond blades various types to cover your needs.


The range of RUBI diamond blades is constantly evolving and has earned the trust and appreciation from professionals worldwide.

RUBI takes the insights from the market and the main ceramics manufacturers, to know firsthand the changing needs of the industry’s professionals. Thus, the RUBI diamond blades continue to improve, renewing and combining new products with the latest technologies both in its design and manufacture.

This continuing improvement and innovation, combined with an excellent value for money, are the reasons why more and more construction professionals choose RUBI diamond blades for their most challenging jobs.

RUBI has a complete range of diamond blades for dry and wet cutting. Varying in diameter, from 4 to 9 in. In the RUBI range of diamond blades, professionals will find various types of blades to fully meet their needs.

Within the diamond blades section, you can find different types:

CONTINUOUS rim blades for maximum cutting quality.

J-SLOT blades that provide high performance, allowing high speed cutting on the hardest materials.

TURBO and TURBO-VIP blades to increase cutting speed, without sacrificing high quality finishing.

SEGMENTED AND TURBO-SEGMENTED blades for maximum cutting speed and versatility.

RUBI also offers a range of ELECTROPLATED SEGMENTED blades, ideal for cutting materials with a high risk of breaking such as marble or fibers, and SEGMENTED VACUUM BRAZED for fast cutting of any type of materials.

RUBI classifies its diamond blades by color, depending on the type of material or materials for which it was designed. This classification allows easy recognition of the blade by the user and the dealer and shows its wide range, with solutions for each type of material depending on the cutting speed and quality.

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