In recent years, diamond drill bits have become an indispensable tool for the professional tile fixer. The emergence of increasingly hard materials, such as porcelain stoneware, is the reason why RUBI is committed to diamond drill bits. Versatility in drilling materials and the high quality finishes makes the range of RUBI diamond drill bits the most highly appreciated today by building professionals. RUBI has a complete range of diamond drill bits, for both wet and dry cutting. Whatever the option chosen, RUBI diamond drill bits are always the best choice.

There are two types of diamond drill bits: dry cutting and wet cutting; the first are used with a grinder as it is recommended to work at high speed, and they do not need any extra cooling. They are drill bits that cut very fast, they have long life and are manufactured by a vacuum brazed process.

Diamond drill bits for wet cutting on the other hand are used with the drill at low revolutions. Cooling with water is needed, for which there are some RUBI accessories that are a perfect combination. These diamond drill bits give an optimal finish, through an electroplating manufacturing process. With both systems you will be able to drill in various hard materials, such as porcelain, granite or marble, quickly and safely.

With this diamond drill bits solution, we have responded to one of the most common problems and difficulties in installing ceramic tiles. With the evolution of ceramic materials, which are increasingly hard, and the eruption of porcelain, RUBI has designed these diamond drill bits so that tiling professionals do not have any problems when drilling into the hardest tiles.

On the RUBI website, we provide you with technical data and videos showing you details on how to use each type of drill bit.

Diamond Drill Bits