closeCONTINUOUS - CSV ceramic tiles diamond blade

The RUBI CSV continuous band diamond blades are the best option for cutting, in dry and with a grinder, all types of ceramic tiles. The CSV diamond blades adapt, better than any other disc, to those situations in which the professional ceramic tile setter has to work with ceramic tiles of different natures. The CSV diamond blade from RUBI is a continuous band blade. This type of diamond blades gives the professional ceramic tile setter the possibility of obtaining high quality finishes.


RUBI has a complete range of dry cutting diamond blades. Varying in diameter, from 4 to 9 in. In the RUBI range of dry cutting diamond blades, professionals will find various types of blades to fully meet their needs.

Within the dry cutting diamond blade section, you can find different types.

CONTINUOUS rim blades for maximum cutting quality.

J-SLOT blades that provide high performance, allowing high speed cutting on the hardest materials.

TURBO and TURBO-VIPER blades to increase cutting speed, without sacrificing high quality finishing.

SEGMENTED AND TURBO-SEGMENTED blades for maximum cutting speed and versatility. RUBI also offers a range of ELECTROPLATED SEGMENTED blades, ideal for cutting materials with a high risk of breaking, such as marble or fibers.

RUBI classifies its cutting blades by color, depending on the type of material or materials for which it was designed. This classification allows easy recognition of the blade by the user and the dealer and shows its wide range, with solutions for each type of material depending on the cutting speed and quality.

The dry cutting range includes special blades for cutting porcelain stoneware and hard materials such as slate, granite, extruded stoneware and porcelain stoneware, and which works perfectly for very hard porcelain stoneware, combining high speed and high quality cutting.

The designs of the RUBI tools are duly approved by certification companies in order to meet all applicable safety regulations and to give professionals the safest, most reliable and highest quality tools.

Furthermore, on the internet you can check the great impact of the RUBI name among professionals. There are thousands of searches, articles, media and methods by which RUBI ensures it is close to the professional and gives continued support and help at any time.